Anyway to use a p360 with a Xbox 360 wireless hack?

I know people have gotten it to work with the wired controller but how about the wireless one> Anywhere to tep that 5v off of?

All you have access to is the batteries, or just about 3v. You can kick the voltage up to 5v using something like this:

but you’d better be sure to put an on/off switch in. Even if you did, you’re battery life would suck.

Doesn’t sound like a good idea.

What if you used an external battery case like this one?

Not so much. The AAA’s in that case are probably in serial, putting out 6v. Even if you hacked it so it was 3v instead, you’d still have less available power than a single pair of AA’s.

If you want long lasting time, what I’d recommend is to use 2 D cell batteries. Each D cell stores 20,500 milliamp/hours of power, compared to the 2,850 mA/H of AA’s and 1250 mA/H of AAA’s. If we assume that the xbox wireless controller uses 50mA of current at 3v (just a random guess) and the p360 uses 65mA of current at 5v (about what my Sanwa Flash uses), and the DC-DC converter runs at 80% efficiency, then the total power used is
(3v current for xbox pcb) + (current drawn by the DC-DC converter, called Iin)
Iin= Vout * Iout / (efficiency * Vin)
Iin = 5v * 0.065maH / (0.8 * 3v)
Iin = .325 / 2.4
Iin= 135mA
Total power draw, about 185mA at 3v, or about 15.5 hours using a pair of AA’s. Using a pair of D’s instead, almost 111 hours.

Or, just use a Play and Charge kit, and rig up a connection on the back for the PnC cable.

I thinking of using it on my mas mod which has a custom PCB from them. I wired the mas to work with a wireless 360 PCB and a PS1/Saturn PCB using DB-25 connectors.

I figure if it was an outside source than I wouldnt have to worry about future hacks. Keep in mind, I am a very casual player so rechargeable would do it. I am going to post the MAS mod soon, I literally changed the entire stick.

You lost me a bit however what about a converter like this:

I assume you mean something more like this though:

Does having 4 D batteries change the output? I mean you need 5v but If its over can it damage the p360?