Anyway/where to buy replacement hraps cover plate?

I have an hraps2, but I don’t really like the button layout of the coverplate. I’d much prefer the hraps1 button layout. Is there any place that sells cover plates in the shape/size of the hraps case, without having to resort to buying another whole hraps?

And a second question; I’ve read that the X button is too close to the stick on the hraps2 & 3 covers to use screw in Sanwa buttons. Does this also apply to Seimitsu screw ins? Specifically the PS-14-KNs.

Thanks in advance.

You could get an Acrylic one,provided that the HRAP match up. You will be able to see inside though, unless you decide to do a full size etching to make it not fully transparent.

You can check out this thread and get a custom top plate made by khmerdroopy, but there have been complains on the forums that it takes a long time to get the plate made by him and that there’s little communication when working with him

edit: looks like khmerdroopy is not taking new orders at the moment as he’s swamped with the project now

Jeiro, I can’t answer your question about the control panel since I don’t know anyone who’s making replacement metal ones actively at the moment. However, I can address your question about the buttons.

Yes, you are correct. Hori’s Real Arcade Pro series of joysticks, specifically the 2s and 3s equipped with a universal mounting bracket for Japanese style joysticks, do have issues when you try to use a screw-in Sanwa or Seimitsu button where the X (or Short Kick/Light Kick in Street Fighter notation) button is due to the fact that the mounting bracket is in the way. In all cases, you’re going to have to grind down the nut thinner so that it can slide underneath the bracket. After that, you should be golden. This is the same issue with Mad Catz’s FightSticks actually. However, I’ve heard reports that you can use the nuts on a PS-14-KN button (Seimitsu’s clear buttons) just fine without any grinding though I have never been able to test this myself.

If I were to use an acrylic platform as the only cover plate, and I wanted to cover it up so it wouldn’t be clear, could I paint it?

If Art puts etches into the plexiglass, does he etch the design on the underside of the platform?

And if I were to paint it, anybody have an idea which would be the best method of painting it? Like Spray paint, or some other method? Mainly just for a solid color to cover it up with.

Sorry I have a lot of questions, but you guys have been great so far with the answers. Thanks!