Anywhere else besides Arts hobbies I can get plexi for my Madcatz VS stick?

So far, I have tried contacting arts hobbies with no avail. The shipping prices on the website are all wonky. To get a top panel, its $15 shipping which isn’t bad, but adding the small side panels to the stick adds another $30 to the shipping. Getting the small side panels alone is still $30 in shipping. Its like mailing out a 2 pound weight and charging $10, but the 1 pound weight costs $20 in shipping.

Long story short, I don’t have the tools or the time to get a full set of panels cut out for my VS stick, so does anyone know of anyone else that can do it besides Art? Thanks

Not really, no where that you also have issues with.

Art is a fucking pro. All other replacements are low budget.

yeah art hobbies is the best place, there are other places that offer the same items as art hobbies although shipping will cost more since it’s come from the UK

I had ordered a plexi cover for my HRAP v3 from lighting labels or what ever its called, weeks of no contact or product caused me to file a paypal dispute, and had to have paypal recover my cash. If I were to order one again I would go through Art based on all the positive feedback he has here.

I do not doubt the quality of his work whatsoever, honestly its amazing. My issue is his shipping prices. I mean I guess I could try and get an american friend to receive it by proxy and send it to me.

Thank you guys at least for reassuring the confidence in his product.

Where are these places that offer this in the UK? I need an HRAP plexi and panel if poss.

I’d just use Art - the extra you’ll pay in P&P is worth it to know it’ll fit perfectly…

Sounds like the best solution. He doesn’t seem to offer customised plexis the same way he does the panels, which is a shame. I’m getting an HRAP clone case, which has a 24mm button hole where the turbo slot is, and I would like to use the 6 button astro p2 layout as well - the plexi top only has limited options. or something like that. its kind of like focus attack but for people in the UK. last i checked they offered plexi glass there

Argh, how could I forget about

Alas, they only offer TE plexis, but their “stick configurator” and empty cases make me consider bankrupting myself…