Anywhere to get 24mm plugs?

I know of all the online places, but is there anywhere that would have some other kind of plug that would work as well? I mostly ask because I bought all the parts to mod a Blaze stick, but I forgot to order 24mm hole plugs, and it’d cost me about $15 or so to buy the amount I need online, so if I can just get something that’ll work cheaper and locally, that’d be great.

Akihabarashop has 24mm hole plugs.

hey drunkninja, try ace hardware. they have plugs, but not sure they have 24mm plugs. I think they have 1" and you could probably file down the plastic ever so slightly to fit.

yeah, hardware stores usually carry plugs that size.

Ah, thanks guys! Picked up some 1" plugs during my lunch break. May have to grind the holes a little wider to fit them, but that’s nothing new for the mod I’m doing, lol. Saved me around $10, so it’s worth it.