Ao Oni Jikkyou Play (Let's Play)

There’s this hilarious Japanese fan-made 16 bit horror/puzzle game named Ao Oni (aka Blue Demon). What is Jikkyou Play? It’s pretty much like the “Let’s Play” series you see on YouTube. Two Japanese guys played it all the way through and recorded their reactions to the game. It’s a bit slow to start in the first video, but once the monster shows up the two guys’ reaction is so god damn hilarious. I haven’t laughed that hard in such a long time. :rofl:

Here are some links, Nico and YouTube for those don’t have a Nico account. I suggest watching it on Nico for the comments. (to watch the rest, you can click the first mylist link in the video description, or just copy paste the title of the video and change part1 to part 2; total of 9 parts)
[media=youtube]5Ly0QtG4TKg[/media] (youtube version)

Watch them play through the whole game. It’s definitely worth it. :rofl:

That shit was too good.
I actually wouldn’t mind playing it now, lol ;p