AOD vs. NHC??



This is an official challenge from Army of Darkness to No Honor Crew on HDR!

  • If you guys (NHC) accept the challenge it would be a 5 on 5 team battle played on XBL

  • It would be a race to 10 format usin the ‘lives’ system and winner goes on. (EX: Each player starts with 10 lives. Team A player beats Team B player in the first race to ten, 10 - 4. Team B player is eliminated and Team A player advances to the next round with only 6 lives left to play the next Team B player)

  • No Akuma. Winning player of each match must use same character the next match, loser may change character. Each match would be best of 3 rounds

  • Play would start 8/27/2010 at 7:30 pm CST if it works with the players schedules

This is just for some fun competition and should be alotta GGS in it… Any questions or concerns let me know!


You already know I’m in.




WTF? Who are you calling “you guys…”? Hahaha. I’m down for that. Yo, we can call this the Shirts vs. Blouses tourney. I’ll see if I can round up some players…


Can other fraction join this? We should have like a survivor series…

Team SPD
-Orange Gief


Ego you can count me in if im worthy


Lmao :rofl:


The Shirts vs Blouses Tourney… (Royal, you think I’m bullsh!ttin’ hahaha!)

From the NHC side so far we got:

  1. The Coolest MoFo on the planet (except in Asia, where ever HDR is not sold, lol)…Ego!
  2. From The Lone Star State of Hadoukens…Hop Vo!
  3. One of the meanest left and right hooks in North America…GeneiJin87!
  4. The man who’s infamous for holdin’ down and back…Thelo!
  5. The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey is in town…Reno MD! (Updated)


Oh man, hold up. I think I can round up a few guys out here to form a “West Coast Baby Zone Crew”. We gots to get in on this!



Don’t make us assemble…again.


DO it Decoy we aint scared! Haha… I doubt the rest of YGGBU would be down though youre the only one that still plays…


Penquin still plays some, KJ is pretty much all SSF4 now, don’t know what happened to Oski (last time saw him it was on GGPO). I think Wax retired for good (he never liked ST or HDR much).

I might play EGO, don’t know how many Hondas you’d want on one team, though, LOL.


@mad poss: Yeah man, if you can make it, I’ll add you to the roster. Just confirm.


too bad i lost to megaman3d first to 10 oh well get em next time. Im gonna start my own team ski scrub killas incorporated. yeah lol.


Yeah thats what I was sayin possum basically Decoys the only one that still plays HDR cause TravelinPenguin RARELY plays now lol…


This is gonna be our roster:

  1. NarcissusCaesar
  2. Cvital
  3. Lyghts Out
  4. RoyalPhlush
  5. Snake Eyez

Thats also gonna be the order we play in too…


That’s a dangerous roster. I dunno if I should be sad that I don’t have a 360, or happy kuz I don’t have to play all of you guys. lol


I’m in. I got this so far.

  2. Synco
  3. Moocus(sending invite)
  4. Bruce LB(sending invite)
  5. DGV(sending invite)

if the other three don’t respond, then at least me and synco will hold it down for the babyzone. whats good? is it on or what?


This roster alone is rape.


Is this US only ?

I guess i am technically a NHC member.