AOD vs. NHC??

This is an official challenge from Army of Darkness to No Honor Crew on HDR!

  • If you guys (NHC) accept the challenge it would be a 5 on 5 team battle played on XBL

  • It would be a race to 10 format usin the ‘lives’ system and winner goes on. (EX: Each player starts with 10 lives. Team A player beats Team B player in the first race to ten, 10 - 4. Team B player is eliminated and Team A player advances to the next round with only 6 lives left to play the next Team B player)

  • No Akuma. Winning player of each match must use same character the next match, loser may change character. Each match would be best of 3 rounds

  • Play would start 8/27/2010 at 7:30 pm CST if it works with the players schedules

This is just for some fun competition and should be alotta GGS in it… Any questions or concerns let me know!

Phlush whut up? Does Wayne Brady have to Hundred Hand Slap a b!tch? lol I thought you guys were mainly on XBL? If you wanna do this on PSN, we got you homie…headz ain’t for all the lag we got!!!

Seriously, how many AOD peeps in your squad on PSN? And are you guys taking applications? Hahahaha!

Bring it, son!

Ego, he clearly stated the matches would take place on XBL. Most of our guys are on PSN and some of us don’t have an Xbox 360 like myself. I could probably borrow a friend’s 360, but I would have to get an converter, but given the date this is being held, I am about 73% positive I will not be able to participate.


First, WHC, now AOD… are we that much of a threat lol!

EGO is team captain save a hoe. So he’s gonna have to assemble and pick from our 101 members. I’m guessing he’ll get DGV and Afro? =)

No WHC, we never challenged you guys. we play for fun. never heard of AOD. NHC still THE crew of SF.
…accept for me, im the GREATEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD.

Sorry Reign, you’re right…don’t go off and regulate my ass…we on the same team remember! lol I just never made it past his “subject line” before I replied. I was trying to get hyped…what can I say?

Yeah, I know the AOD crew on XBL…they got Snake Eyes, Lyghts, Royal, Ceasar, Zaspacer, Exposed just to name the active players. Should be fun. Now I gotta muster up some NHC players to represent on the dark side. Anyone (NHC) interested, post here on the mirror thread in the XBL HDR thread…

Handa needs to give five across the Snake Eyes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Im gonna have to represent for NHC!!! YOu can count me in Teammates if im worthy.

I hope to God you’re being sarcastic, Slip. Phlush, Zaspacer, Snake Eyez, Cvital, Lyghts Out are all AOD.

What’s up Phlush? I know we lost to you guys once, but didn’t we beat you the last time? I’m sure BlueTall cleaned up house in that one tourney we played.

But then we lost Cvital to you. My angel fell one night. We will never forget.

Actually I never heard of WHC haha… Whats that??

What up Nipul when the hell you gettin back on XBL man?? And actually we never finished that battle youre talkin bout with Blue lol but you guys were winnin by one I think before it got discontinued…

If i had the damn 360 I would’ve stepped up, If I get a 360 by then I will let you guys know.

@Rugal: That would be cool if you did. I know some good XBL players whose curious about your blanka! And Reigns too. Sure, Hop Vo…I got you down bro.

Haha why would anyone care about my Blanka on XBL? They got BTC over there! And Rugal’s is better than mine.

The Shirts vs Blouses Tourney… (Royal, you think I’m bullsh!ttin’ hahaha!)

From the NHC side so far we got:

  1. The Coolest MoFo on the planet (except in Asia, where ever HDR is not sold, lol)…Ego!
  2. From The Lone Star State of Hadoukens…Hop Vo!

I solicited a few others tonight and waiting for confirmation…

Hey ego make sure we serve them PANCAKES “Yea PANCAKES”

Sounds fun, sadly no xbox. :confused:


You guys need to get those matches recorded!

I’d be up for it if I’m around

Well, looks like I’m not in since I also don’t have an Xbox. Then again, looking at the level of comp on the AoD side (Lyghts? Phlush? Snakeyez? Geez!), the NHC would be better off getting some higher tier players anyway. Get friggin’ HBK and EST in on that shit, Ego!

This is gonna be our roster:

  1. NarcissusCaesar
  2. Cvital
  3. Lyghts Out
  4. RoyalPhlush
  5. Snake Eyez

Thats also gonna be the order we play in too…