AOD vs. T3AM W * I * T... and other clan battles



You know what time it is. With alot of reoccuring great players and team development going on, it’s time to get some clan battles going. I believe some clans that are still in rotation as well are: SF1, No Honor Crew, Omega Versus Crew and a few others I might’ve missed. Anyway, let’s get some setups going, dates, etc so everyone can line up and produce results. The current focus is II Grenade’s initiation to do a 4 vs. 4 battle with us. I really want to see more of this considering we all play EVERY OTHER NIGHT anyway.
Feel free to use this thread to organize other clan battles because it’s a fresh and new thread so people will most likely post and/or check back…

Peace and GGs to all.


Thus far we have the following voting tally for our deciding four:

  1. RenoMD: IIIII
  2. Swole T: III
  3. Caucajun: IIII
  5. PhoenicianMinds: II
  6. oneNE0eno: I
  7. soopakripnud5: I
  8. Master zEAloUS: I
  9. Yang Sze: I

Still waiting on a few more votes from our team to come in.


  1. II Grenade
  2. Lyghts 0ut
  3. Bogeuk

(from II Grenade.)


neo llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll


Who is Fingers of Fury?


That’s not nice, Nore. He’s a solid player. People know who he his, ya old fart.


lol i dont think he ment it that way phoenician. He was really asking “who is he?”


Yeah, didn’t mean any offense at all. Was curious who he is as I’ve never seen him in your parties, Pho.


Oh, I thought it was a sarcastic comment, my bad. I wasn’t offended anyway. Yeah, he can play or he wouldn’t be in the clan… :wink:


ahhh. simply clanless.


Lol. Good shit dublo7… I used to be solo until I kept fighting and seeing the same good players over and over again on countless nights. I’ve always been good friends with many great players in AOD, SF1, NHC, etc… so Swole T and I decided it was time for another clan for the sake of awesome, capture-worthy 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4 battles, tourneys etc…

A definite over explanation for this situation. :wink: Just wanted to elaborate.

P.S. I love The Boondocks as well… It’s refreshing to see the shows success backed by a true underground hip hop head. Shits classic! :slight_smile:


Well, its official. Here is the T3AM W * I * T (4) & AOD (4). I’ll have a date soon and we’ll post the video results!


  • Bogeuk
  • vegetabroly
  • Lyghts 0ut


T3AM W * I * T

  • PhoenicianMinds
  • Swole T
  • RenoMD
  • Caucajun

Stay tuned for a date. Peace.


I wanna see T3AM W * I * T hold an intramural last dictator standing contest!


We all know Reno would come out on top because Swoles a tap-throwin’ slut… :wink:


Ok, so here’s some of the result of the clan battle. It’s 4 vs. 4 and each member from each team has 10 lives.
Phoenician vs. vegetabroly (Phoenician lost all lives, veg carries over with 8.)
2-10 --------------- 10-2
vegetabroly vs. RenoMD (veg lost and RenoMD carries over with 8 lives.)
2-8 ----------------- 8-2
RenoMD vs. bogeuk (This set didn’t finish and I’m not sure why, but I will post up the remainder soon!)
7-0 ------------- 0-7
Reminder, that RenoMD still has 8 lives.
GGs to all.


(bogeuk never finished, so RenoMD moved onto II GRENADE)
RenoMD vs. II GRENADE (II GRENADE lost and RenoMD carries over with 4 lives.)
10-4 -------------- 4-10
RenoMD vs. Lyghts 0ut (RenoMD lost and Lyghts 0ut carries over with 7 lives.)
3-4 ------------- 4-3
Lyghts 0ut vs. soopakripnud5 (soopa lost and Lyghts 0ut carries over with 5 lives.)
10-2 ---------------- 2-10
Lyghts 0ut has 5 lives and he will have to face either Swole T or Caucajun*
Subject to change
GGs to all.


Throw someone else for me to feed on cause Caucajun & Swole T aren’t man enough to back up all the bullshit that comes from their mouth. You guys have 1 spot left and neither of those 2 were Loyal enough to fight for their crew. If this was a tournament (which in a way it kind of is) your team wouldve been DQ’d after the junk Caucajun pulled.

You guys pretend and talk about wanting to be good for the community and blah blah blah. Then why the hell are these lil pricks pulling stuff like this? Why the hell does Swole T send me messages saying “youre not that good anymore etc etc” yet cowers away when it’s his turn to prove his bullshit right? I havent had any problems since Ive been back except last night trying to get this thing over with.


Dude, don’t try to rationalize now… You may have been a dick to many others and you are a good player, but you’re still a fucking wreck as far as personal character goes. Cheers to AOD. GGs.


Why because I called Swole T & Caucajun out on their bullshit? Or maybe because I said “No Thx” to your friend request? No rationalization needed, youre a fucking child. Im not going to respect you, I will not add you and as of now Im just gonna ignore your childish ass. Learn to deal with someone saying “No” you overreacting lil prick.

Master Zealous

are all waaaay better than you and have waaaaay more class.


Keep your bitch ass outta this thread, Yolanda…


Yeah, they’re good and legit. Turbo cheatings for fags, that’s why you’d never be in… Don’t even try to start with “class” talk, degenerate…