AOU 2005 New Fighting Games

Okay not that much news or anything, but I figured some people would like to know about a couple new games.

Senko no Ronde

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A hybrid shooter/fighting game. Looks pretty tight to me, there is a 3-button layout. A button guards and B and C do some shit. Probably shoot stuff I’m guessing. There are special moves and stuff. Looks dope.

Spectral vs. Generation (S.V.G.)

Some new 2D fighter, I have no idea who is making it. Here are some screens.

Senko no Ronde looks like it plays exactly like Touhou Suimusou. Hahaha.

Have not researched this yet, but seeing as how I love fighters and shooters it sounds interesting. Any announcement of a console version yet?


It’s by a company called Idea Factory and another company called IGS. IGS made Martial Master (Shin I Ken in Japanese) which is a damn tite game, so definitely looking forward to this game, it looks damn good so far.

More links:

The second screen’s bg, looks alot like one in MvC2.

Both of these games look hype. Too bad the chances of a US release are next to zilch.

10 most popular games of AOU:

  1. Mario Kart Arcade GP (Namco): 764 votes
  2. Sangokushi Taisen (Sega): 753 votes
  3. Ibara: 467 votes
  4. Idol Master (Namco): 422 votes
  5. Mahjong Fight Club 4 (Konami): 345 votes
    6. Spectral vs. Generation (RiverService): 297 votes
  6. Raiden III (Taito): 275 votes
    **8. NeoGeo Battle Colisseum (Sega): 252 votes
  7. Senko no Ronde (G.Rev): 220 votes**
  8. Initial D Arcade Stage Vers. 3 pour Cycraft (Sega): 210 votes

Video of Spectral:

Its a pretty shitty video (both on picture quality and gameplay), but better than nothing i guess.

Melty Blood arcade footage:

Spectral vs. Generation looks nice…

I got a “file not found” error. Is this the same vid?

Its the same.

looks like crap.

Fixed it for you.

Like that’s much of an accomplishment.

meh … i’ve seen this game in 1 of my arcade , i choose to ignore it >.> …dull

Isn’t reviving threads looked down upon?

Yeah. I was like WTF 2005.

This thread is now about the injustice of Spectral vs Generation getting a PS2 port, while Chaos Breaker does not.

Chaos Breaker >>>>> dogshit >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SvG


oh that reminds me~

Chaos Breaker is getting a port…

to mobile.

Lets see we got big sword human, sword and shield girl, elf whore, troll, crazy dwarf, ZON, double sword dark elf, and dark elf whore. yay

Good thing they took out N-finite-sidor.