AOU 2009 News and Info

AOU is going on right now in Tokyo and will last the whole weekend. My friend – who also runs GO VISIT IT! – is there and he’s sending me some information while he waits in line for some products, so if anything new shows up I’ll add it to this post.

Atlus rejoins arcade biz with new Power Instinct game (info + screens)

Project Cerberus - Sega’s Naomi-based 2D Fighter
Previously I made a post about a new Sega 2D fighter, in collaboration with Arc Systems.
Closed thread, but info here:

Turns out my info was half right. Yes, Sega has a new 2D fighter. No, it is not in collaboration with Arc Systems. It’s with Milestone, and the title of the game (tentatively) is Project Cerberus, running on the Naomi board. That’s all the info I have right now. will have more info once the show is over in about 6 hours. If you want to keep up to date by yourself, visit AndriaSang’s live blog, as he might be blogging from the show floor from time to time:

New Arcade Board - RingEdge/Wide
Sega is developing two separate boards. Ringedge appears to be the higher end of the two, with Sega’s press release stating that it’s on the technological forefront. Ringwide, on the other hand, promises “cost performance,” suggesting it will be more of a budget board.


Looking at those screens has confirmed that Blazblue and the KOFXII vids have spoiled me, the first word that came to my mind was shit. But hopefully, my eyes will readjust, because I do kind of want to play another Power Instinct game, I only played like the first one and I think maybe the second or third.

so there’s no HnK2? :sad:

Damn, the new Power Instinct still uses the same resolution.

Oh and that new SEGA game was this? :frowning:

yeah,I think I would prefer a HnK2 with a bigger roster and less wall bounces

:sad::sad: Dreams crushed :sad::sad:

there is a thread around FGD with links to a video of the game

the game doesnt look bad, but still, i would prefer a HnK2

No HnK2? Ahh, too bad…

In any case, Cereberus still looks remotely interesting. And screw the gfx whores, I’m just glad that Noise is making another Goketsuji/PI game. :rofl:

…Now if I could only get Noise to make another Sengoku 3/2001 follow-up. Best 2D beat em up I’ve ever played, and unfortunately, that and the other brawler they made never got PS2 ports. A pity…

Hang in there…

I hope that what MarkMan said becomes true :lovin: HNK2, that or he is a cruel sadist who likes to toy with our hopes :rofl:

Well, if this show is about to be wrapped up in a few hours, it may not be announced here…unless they got some other surprises to show in a few hours…

Project Cerberus

Are you certain Project Cerberus has anything to do with Sega? Its just on the Naomi board afaik.

we’ve never met
but be aware that you can break a grown mans heart

hnk2 please

New video of Project Cerberus from the AOU2009 show:

thanx for the link

project cerberus is old news, it’s been announced since beginning of january.

Yeah well some of us just now have heard of it :stuck_out_tongue:
Anything else shown in AOU?

our expectations were not even close, sigh

yeah … expected something better … but we cant change it :sad:

If you dash my hopes MarkMan I’ll never forgive you :frowning: