AOU 2009 News and Info

I’m pinning my life dream on your ‘hints’ markman, hope it delivers.

another video of project cerberus, if anyone is interested

Am I the only one getting “Guilty Gear meets Rise of the Robots” vibes of Project Cerberus? :rofl:
You know, because of the pre-rendered 3D robot sprites.

games should stop being guilty gear rip-offs

you know that the people will make games that sell, and aparently GG set the new standards for the fighting games, pretty much like SF did in the 90’s where almost every game was a SF rip-off, besides until now the only similarity with GG is the air dash, and that its combo oriented

I’m hoping that, honestly, by the time the likes of SF4 and KOFXII have left their marks, we may be privy to seeing more games along their lines…or hell, how about more variety, altogether?

you know that the only games in the sf style that sell well this days are the sf games, and the only kof style that sell well is kof, so i dont see that happening in a near future

There are going to be a lot of announcements for fighting games in the coming weeks/months. So just keep a look out for news.

Oh wow I hope they port Project Cerebus to the Dreamcast.

im pretty sure that its like you say MarkMan, with the hype that ASW, CAPCOM and SNK get with their games, its obvious that the other companies want a pice of the cake, and of course im happy with that, more games for me and my people :lovin:

Thanks for the update Mark, I’ll keep an eye out.

oh wow project cerberus is actually getting an arcade port

for those of you that dont know, the game was made by a doujin-soft company and used mugen for the game engine. but back then they were using pre-rendered 3d due to engine limitations.

Hopefully they announce something that will be playable to most of us in some form.

…including “HnK 2”, right? :wgrin:

You may not be quite “Buddha and Jesus rolled into one”, but I would definitely recommend the title of “Savior at the End of the Age”. :rofl:

I can’t tell if this is an in-joke based on who’s developing the game (Milestone) or not :wasted:

For those who don’t know, Milestone is mostly a shmup dev, and many of their games have received Dreamcast ports, due to the fact that they use the Naomi arcade board. And these games have been released in the past 2-3 years, no less. So yeah, in conclusion, the Dreamcast will never die.