Aparently I am a "scrub vega"



Dude with his really good rush up Chun Li took 2 out of 3 fights with me winning the middle fight, then decided to message me to tell me I suck. Even though I won a round in each fight, and the last round came down to a simple combo to either character. LOL.

If he almost lost, does that mean that he is barely above scrub, or did I just encounter a 12 year old that plays too much COD and is mad he cant trash talk in the middle of the match?

This just shows I cant take a week off to play a different game. I can tell my gameplay is down a bit. Hence why it was also just a casual match.


probably just got frustrated at the fact you put up a fight and his usual shenanigans didn’t work, stuff like that always causes the salt to flow when you’re dealing with people with an ego.

since you know, he probably came into the match thinking it was going to be an easy win.


So you gave him the rematch and he still lost…?

The rematch does determine a lot. In a game without a rematch option, you can say, “I wish I could play that ******** again. I just lost to ******** scrub ‘play style’”. SFV allows you two opportunities to win though…

I’m sure he was just irritated that he lost. Some people, unfortunately, feel the need to embarrass themselves in such a way.

I don’t play SFV so much, I’d like to practice Ken and work on Guile, but I don’t play enough. I don’t rage after I lose though, that’s just kind of embarrassing.


Yeah when I lose, Ill rage on myself for not doing something, or seeing something. I dont really hate on the other player. Hell, I couldnt even tell you how to find the PSN name of the person I played before. HAHA. Tells you how important it is to rage mail someone.


Whenever I’ve lost two matches against the same person, it’s always been pretty clear mistakes I’ve made. I will sometimes say ‘oh my god, this guy sucks, why did he do that thing that killed me’. But why they did it should speak for themselves. Because I LOOOOOOST.

When people who lose to you have advice, that’s not bad most of the time. When the advice is ‘get good enough to lose to me’ you’re fine just keeping on.