Apeshit: Woman Mauled by Chimp Denied Lawsuit for $150 Million


I’m sorry about what happened, but this woman was already awarded a hefty sum from the chimp’s owners years ago.


I guess the first settlement she got was chimp change.

Anyway I don’t see how the state is responsible. Her friend was the one who put her at risk by having a chimpanzee as a pet.


Paging @"The Epidemic"‌, please enlighten us on Chimp fighting techs.


not exactly sure how it would be the states fault…though im trying to figure out the legality of the friend having a chimp. i can see it as the states fault if their are some kinda rules they didnt pay attention to.

i dont hate the woman for trying to sue the state…she got fucked up by a damn chimp. tore her fuckin face up…she is emotionally and physically scarred for life. sue every mutherfucker you can.


Someone who works for the state wrote a letter saying the chimp should not be a pet and be removed from the custody of its owner. She said the chimp posed a danger to its owner and those around it. This was before the attack, of course. The state just ignored it or didn’t act on it. Either way, I don’t think the state is at fault here. The owner is and the estate paid.

I do feel sorry that she can’t afford her medical bills, but that price seems outrageous. For those of you saying she already got paid, remember that she got some radical surgery done to make her not look like a monster anymore. A lot of that stuff happened on her the first time. I mean, the woman had a FACE transplant. I can’t even imagine what that would cost.


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People should not have chimpanzees or monkeys or tigers or hell anything exotic and dangerous like that as a pet

They aren’t like babies or people or dogs


I do t understand why folks would go I. a house with a chimp living there. fuck that, even with a bladed weapon I wouldn’t fuck with a chimp.


Lots of monkey business going on around these parts


So I clicked on to the link to read the article, and DAMN! That chimp really fucked that poor woman’s face up!



My heart goes out to her. I hope she can find some peace living with an ugly mug like that :frowning:


This part sounds hilarious to me.


since this is a FG forum, I’d call this rather chimp damage


There are way more cases of dogs killing or seriously injuring people and nobody says anything

My sister-in-law had part of her leg ripped by a pitbull dog…


It was a compassionate decision on Connecticut’s part.

If they had let her proceed with the suit, people would be trying to ape her for years- and she’s probably already been aped enough.