Apex 2?!

Does anybody have any hard info about this yet?

I remember the first one and was involved heavily with it.

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What the hell is this “Apex” that you guys speak of? Never heard of it.

If it has anything to do with the vomit reformat of SRK recently, i’d have to say, i’m not exactly a fan.

I can’t wait to make up random tournaments with random entrants so I can have 100000000000000 points!

It was like a nationwide ranking thing for anyone who used it, you get points for participating/placing based on number of entrants, but honestly kinda flawed because states that have a lot of tourneys can be seen at the top. No hate from me for people who used it though, each to his own

Angry guy with glasses appears on screen

Guy: “Hey!! You still don’t have an APEX?!”

TG: “Umm…”

Guy: “What are you wait’in for, GameFaqs to make one?!”

TG: “well…”

Guy: “You have seen the hype right?”

TG: “WTF are you talking about?”

Guy: “Wrong answer man…”

you mean APEC summit 2010 ?

Wow, somebody else who randomly references the Sega CD commercials. :lol:

Thats about right.
I think the only reminder that the first APEX even existed is that the matchmaking forums are still seperated by APEX divisions.

Lol Apex. OLD SKOOL!

I actually loved the idea. Still do. Yeah it favors large densly populated areas, but hey where is the best talent ususally found anyways. Used to be you had to travel to make a name if you weren’t LA/LV/Chi/NY anyways…

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This man speaks the truth

Any new info yet?

I found this, but I couldn’t tell if it was a leftover from the last Apex or a new area.