Apex 2012.. SF vs SSB

if you guys was in the chat the whole weekend this was all that was talked about… The Smash community is so lame wit the stuff they was saying. Its a party game not a fighting game. Even tho Apex is a Smash event the marvel part of the stream did well… whats up wit the Smash community?

Stream monsters will be stream monsters regardless of community, unfortunately.

Pot meet kettle.

i just google the meaning of the phrase. i finally know what it means

Do not post threads about Smash in Fighting Game Discussion. Can a mod please move this thread to the Smash section?

this was not about smash… this was about Apex

this is not about Apex, this is about stream monsters.

seriously who STILL cares what stream monsters say in stream chat honestly?

its all about “Smash is a fighting game” “Smash is not a fighting game” “Smash > SF” “SF > Smash” etc… who cares about that?

looks at thread title “Apex 2012 SF v.s SSB”

“The Legend will never die.”

Then it belongs in the tournament forum.

This thread doesn’t make a lick of sense. Figure out what the hell you want to discuss and put it in that forum. This does not belong in FGD.
PM me if you’re confused at all about this.

No “this versus that” threads.
Smash threads go in the Smash forum.
Tournament discussions can go there.
A discussion about ‘stream monsters’ can probably be quickly avoided by simply buying this shirt for your own handy reference: