APEX Ranking system (What happened to it?)

Forgive me if this shouldn’t go here, I wasn’t exactly sure where it should.

I think I might have a slight memory of someone saying why it’s not used anymore, but it’s been so long I forget.

What happened to it? Why did we stop using it? It was fucking beyond awesome. Is there some way we can bring it back?

People were cheating

It sucked

Making fake arcades and fake results?

EDIT: I don’t think it sucked, it was the only reason I used to read the front page.

In the end there were a lot of flaws that kept it from being a solid ranking system… for example: you could play small, weekly tourneys really often, keep winning at them, and all of a sudden you are higher ranked than players that only make it out for big tourneys even though you suck.

It just didn’t work well.

I would say that is the only thing I didn’t like, was how it ranked people. I did however like the system for posting results and it being on the front page. Point system was cool, but I don’t think giving a overall ranking based on that needed.


Apex at least gave me a small amount of ambition to go to local Socal/Phoenix tournaments. With it gone, I see no reason. Yeah, you can compare it to a non-essential rep system, but look how people are sensitive over pos/neg rep on this very website. People were posting fake results with fake names. There are some security measures that can be done, like making sure the people who placed are actual registered accounts on this website and IP tracking of accounts.

Do something new with it, especially in the sense of handing out points. Small time tournament winners should get a small amount of points compared to someone winning a MVC2 tournament with Jwong and other big names in it.

I believe bringing it back will flare up some small ambition within people to go to more local tournaments.