Apex system for sf4 v2.0?

just an idea to toss out
for example in SoCal
we have Denjin - AI - TTF
all of them have thrown at least 7-10 SF4 tournies
if the tourny holder’s credentials are legit (successfully holds tournies…pays out players…no shadyness etc)
let them be official locations to earn APEX points
none of this home tournament shit where people can earn bullshit points

at said location
there must be one officially sanctioned organizer of said location to verify tourny results and points

that way when it comes time for a major like WCW - NCR - etc
you can have an accurate seeding system based on points earned
while i dont know how successful this may be
at least its a start

please list the positive and negatives aspects of this idea
just a thought
lets discuss
the game is on fire and we need some organization for this

The problem is most places in the us have no legitimate public place to hold tourneys. So they have to hold them in ppl’s houses. So the apex system is already biased towards the hotspots that are fortunate to have venues to play at. Even so, people still cheat. Even back in the apex days, people with credentials still cheated. And that was when arcade play was still a factor. Arcade tourneys were just as guilty as “home” events

I think apex coming back would be completely rad but it seems people dont care. Mebbe it is too early to speculate on sfiv v2.0, as 66% of capcom doesn’t think that continuing sf would be a good idea.


ya’ll can trust me ;__;