Apocalypses Tournament 2 Edmonton, Alberta 09/12/09

Apocalypse Gaming / Edmonton Gamers

Saturday September 12th 3pm

Apocalypse Gaming 10185 107 Street Nw
Edmonton, AB T5J 1J5
(780) 441-9980

Street fighter 4 (PC)
Blazblue (PS3)

Entry Fee?


$5 per member (3 man teams, no same character)

Pot is split 1st 2nd 3rd

%60 + 1 year membership at Apocalypse + 1 Day pass
%20 + 1 month membership at Apocalypse +

%10 Apocalypse Gaming

%5 Edmonton Gamers

Team pot split

Pot is split 1st 2nd 3rd


%10 Apocalypse Gaming

%5 Edmonton Gamers
Street fighter 4 pot starter $200
Blazblue pot starter $100**

Flyer here

I’ll try to make it out to this for BB. $100 for the pot is pretty cool

Your still alive?

Oh btw, this tournament is lacking some serious Marvel 2. WUDAP WIT DAT

add marvel and I’ll be there

dont worry we can do marvel

marvel… I’m there too…but I’m there if sf4 is there too… shiro… howabout marvelsuperherors vs streetighter…from what i saw that you can bring it. how about 10 bucks a game.

hobbema’s taking down marvel and sf4!

well maybe marvel and if very lucky, sf4.

Hobbema take sf4!? Me think’s your wrong!

You always want that mvsf money back eah? Lol well okay man, I’ll give you your shot. we can do best of 3 or 5. But I hope your confident in your skills. I mean I DONT PLAY THIS GAME or anything, but I think i can take ya out =p

You sure? I hope you guys make it to top 8

There is a team tournament (3 man teams) as well. So lets see if Team Hobema can bring it!

I’ll put some 5$ side bets on shane on mshvsf. I’m sure I’ll get action. lol

and no I’m not sure, because I said “if very lucky”.


1st: MajorCrimson (Balrog)
2nd: Nos99 (Gouken/Fei Long)
3rd: Vesperia (Honda)

9th: me (credit to Greg for picking me apart with Gouken, followed later by MajorCrimson’s brother using Sagat).

Winners Finals between MajorCrimson and Greg were nailbiters. Balrog wins once, Gouken wins twice, Balrog wins twice to seal it. Grand Finals was a 4-0 sweep… I don’t know why Greg kept with Fei Long when his Gouken was doing a much better job.

Shiro will have more complete results later.

I guess Calgary is gonna lose the 5 vs 5.

Street fighter 4 (44 entries)

1st: TMJ <-- Like a Boss!
2nd: Greg <-- I’s the bye!
3rd: Vesper <-- brrra
4th: TeeScee

5th: Zak <-- Lil bro coming up!
5th: Bee <-- This Ryu too crazy!

7th: Matty
7th: 2dfighter

9th: Jinrai
9th: Phil
9th: Lee
9th: Textra2

13th: Quang
13th: Daver
13th: Sam
13th: Lapchi

17th: Shiro420 <-- sucks
17th: Padfei
17th: Blade
17th: Raiden
17th: E.hondizzle
17th: Sang
17th: Neam
17th: Minibok

Street fighter 4 Teams (11 teams)
1st: Edmonton Gamers
2nd: Calgary+Newfoundland = Madness!

Blazblue (Singes)

1st: Killey (Jin)
2nd: Beatrush (Tager)
3rd: Pad Fei (Noel)
4th: Simon (Arakune)

Thanks for having us, it was fun (until it was exhausting :lol:)

Everyone was really chill, and the venue was way better than Owen’s basement. w00t!

wow i played with greg once in a basement in toronto.

best teammate