Apologies to Seattle Scene

Basically I’m posting to say sorry for those I’ve offended.

I’ve wrote Preppy an e-mail why I did what I did, so I posting a thread too.

I’ve thought a lot about why I’ve hated on Seattle for, whatever amount of time.

Yeah, I got pissy for no one recognizing what I was trying to do for the scene. But yeah, the whole outsider thing, whatever. Understandable…every scene is like that to a point.

I also understand the fact I have never been to an outing aside from Gameworks. I have tried many times to get to Zach’s but, work, drama, whatever kept getting in the way.
So, for that, I apologize.

Basically, I misjudged and misread everyones (including my own) intension’s about the “scene” because I was never there enough (at all) to experience it and to feel what it was like.

I never got interact/play/or know any of you on a personal level (cept maybe Mandel, Zero and Mech). So, for me to accuse the ENTIRE scene of something was fucked up and rude. So, my apologies.

Yeah, I went to GW a bunch and bs’ed with you guys, whatever. Cool deal. But I never went to Preppys, Lanwerx (not really my fault though for the fact I never knew about it till after it’s closing)

So, my apologizes for jumping the gun so fast on you guys and spewing a bunch of shit.

So, I’ll try to start off (again) on the right foot and try to make things right.

I do hope to make it to the PNW Majors (f they happen) and when I move back I plan on attending GW and Preppys as much as possible to try and re-establish myself with Seattle and scene as a whole.

Also, many of the Seattle people taught me a bunch of stuff.

Mandel taught me a bunch of stuff about Sentinel and CvS2 match ups on AIM.
Mech I’ve talked to about 3S and other things.
I’ve always been cool with Zero, had a bunch of good 3S and MvC2 sessions with him.

Also, my apologies to Umbrella, XTG and Airthrow, you guys have gone ABOVE and BEYOND to try and get ST going in Seattle and you guys did it. I have a huge ammount of respect for what you guys did.

Also, my apologies to Preppy for bringing BS to this forum and for shitting on him (I.E. being apart of the Seattle scene) cause he is the most kindest and patient person I have ever met, and I took it; as well as Seattles kindness towards outsides for granted.

Not to mention even on my first night there, no one gave me shit when I played and got destroyed against mandel. He just said “keep playing, nigga, you’ll get there”.

And for you guys to treat me with semi-open arms and then for me to turn around and shit on you guys is shady and fucked. So, sorry.

So again, my humblest apologies for all the drama and bs.


I would also like to apologize for bringing really negative garbage into the scene by posting that thread. I just got really pissed off over stupid petty shit.

Also, even if I thought stu was being an ass, I still feel that that was uncalled for. Anyhow, I hope all can be well in the future and that this can be put in the past, so that we can move on to better happier things.

Church. I can respect that, it takes a lot to apologize. While it may be a while until people warm up to you, it’s better than not having the opportunity at all.

Group hug! :lovin:

What happened?

Long story my nigga.

For right now it’s all done.

Sorry I forget, have I met you in person before? No offense I have a bad memory.

Also I dunno why you’re apologizing, what is this all about? Forum drama? I START a lot of that shit, I don’t carry SRK drama over into real life unless people act like assholes in real life as well as online.

It’s not that serious to me…right now I am just confused, because I dunno why you’re apologizing to us (and me by name) and I’m not sure why, or who you are? Anyways, don’t worry about it so much.

What the fuck is this and how did I miss it?

And since when did I get “credits”? Christ it’s been a long weekend.


Eh. It’s done and over with now.

But I basically said “fuck seattle” when you (the ST guys) had nothing to do with it. And you guys succeeded where I didn’t.

So yeah. No big deal now.

Preppy, can you lock or delete this or something?





I gotta call it like I see it, talk it like I be it
walkin my walk, thugged out orthopedic

Truly a classic cut.

It takes a big man to admit when he’s wrong.

It takes a bigger man to laugh at that man.

i dont get it.

can someone link me to the drama plz? i live off drama. the kind you find in high schools and soap operas.

come over and drink.

Yo we goin to mass today, we have to pray, these niggas are wack and aye, I have to say, since Pac passed away, most of these niggas don’t even deserve a track from me!

Well lets just say… that its a lesson to be learned…

Stu your still my dogg you just gotta watch what you say… ya feel me?