Apology and an Introduction

Hey guys,
I guess I stepped a bit out of protocol with my General Discussion post. I wasn’t trying to farm hits, I have no ads on my blog, I was trying to get someone, anyone to read a blog post I put up about competitive gaming. I didn’t mean to come across as spammy, just wanted to get a pulse on FGC. But with all of that said, I’m sorry for the post. Anyway, with that, I want to actually introduce myself, and be a part of the community, so as to get real readers, not just readers from posting links on forums.

I’m Capaneus, and I’ve been a gamer all of my life. For the past 7 years or so, I’ve been into arcade restorations, and just recently, I’ve been playing a bunch of classic fighting games, and through that, discovered how much i love newer fighting games too like SSFIV. I’ve been playing online quite a bit, and getting destroyed, so I’ve been reading on the site about how to get better. A lot of times, I don’t have anything to contribute to a post, but I’ve been reading and learning. Just wanted to put out a post to show that I’m a real person, not a bot, and I’m extremely new to the fighting game scene.


Nobody gives a fuck who you are…nor your fighting game background. The forums are too big for blah blah introductions.

NSB is not for introductions…it’s for helping noobs.

If you want to fit in…try joining in on one of the many conversations.

Got it, thanks!

Welcome to the newbie dojo. We don’t usually do introductions (or advertising) here.

If you have any gameplay questions, come back and post them up.