App for fighting games


Hello all,
This is something that I have been thinking about for a while. What do you guys think of an android app- and possibly an iPhone one- for fighting games with most known fighting games with their tech and all knowledge that is discovered so far. Basically, a huge tutorial app with information on set-ups mix-ups and all these different stuff to make people good at the game. The app will be sort of a table view(initial idea) where you choose the game and the character to get to all the knowledge on how to play the character. I’m not sure how to properly convey this information. What do you guys think, is it going to be great linking guides and videos as well as notations for combos or design the app in a way that has its own way of displaying this information which will require me to do the combos and everything myself instead of using the internet. How would you like an app that is for learning fighting games? What kind of way do you want the information to be displayed?
Thank you.


Tom Brady made a similar app just for MK9 and maintaining it was like a full time job.


Great idea. But like tataki mentioned, it’s going to be a full-time affair just consolidating several year’s worth of forum information. Just to get the thing up and running is going to take forever, not to mention updating it with current information will take a long time.

So neat idea, but it will devour your life.