[APP] Ultra Street Fighter 4 Frame Data For WINDOWS PHONE


Hey shoryuken,

I want to share the app i made for Windows Phone, it´s a simple Ultra Street Fighter 4 Frame Data/Changelog app.
Check it out.


  • Characters artworks on the background
  • Readibility improved





Store link:

Thank you


Thank you. It’s nice to see someone cares about having this app for Windows Phones :smiley:


Just a heads up as a fellow developer…

Since you are charging for the app, don’t be surprised if you get a cease and desist letter from Capcom because you are using their official graphics without permission. I know from experience heh. I did it with my first app and they sent me a letter so I had to remove the graphics. But if you make it free then all is good.


Awesome, thanks man!


For sure, Windows Phone users needs some love

That sucks… i hope i don´t get one soon

Thank you

  • New update available


Any chance of making this available for Windows 8.1 Store, so I can use it on my Surface? Thanks!


Sure! I´ll be making soon