Apparent fei nerf

looks like they decreased the range on fei’s rekkas…

Fei is dead. They pretty much put him in a pine book.

Hundreds were crying in AE that Cammy was ‘useless’ with the TKACS height restriction, and nearly as many in 2012, saying her buffs were ‘not nearly enough’. Just go back in the forums and read them, it’s hilarious actually. For 2012, any, many Akuma players declared ‘RIP AKUMA’, that his vortex is now ‘useless’, because the Demon Flip palm was blockable low. Now, in hindsight, these people contributed absolutely nothing, and their names are forever associated with laughably useless content.

This is an opportunity for true Fei players to man up, and frauds to jump to the next cheap character.

True indeed. I know a few Fei’s who’ve come out and said they’re sticking with the char, as am I. I didn’t put 3 yrs and thousands of hours into him just to drop cuz Capcom wanted to treat him like he’s the most OP char in the game. If they can give him some new tricks, that would be cool though.

Theres a diffrence, cammy got alot of buffs to make up for her TKACS, Fei has been getting straight nerfs since 2012 just making him more boring to play due to losing stuff and not gaining anything in return i just want to see him become a fun character

We haven’t seen the full change list for Fei (or any character) and they didn’t show any of his other potential changes in the gameplay video. Cammy got a buff in addition to her nerfs and several of the other characters also clearly got buffs outside of what was listed–i.e. Yang’s damage is clearly better. To paraphrase Capcom, “Every character will have something to look forward to.” Fei will be fine like always. I dunno if he’ll be the most exciting character to play, but whatev.

What’s the point in nerfing a balanced character like Fei Long? I usually laugh at people saying this, but this time around I think they shouldn’t have nerfed a single character – just buffed the weaker characters a slight bit. 2012 is very balanced as it is.

Fei seems pretty balanced to me as is. No need to do anything else with the character. I assume if they do nerf him badly then Capcom is really just trying to shuffle the new game and give shine to other characters. As long as Akuma and Seth are getting the same treatment, that at least is consolation. If they are singling out Fei and those others go un-nerfed, bullshit.

i feel the exact same deus, 8 different characters made top 8 at evo, i dont think thats ever happened in the history of sf4

the only time there has been 8 different characters in top 8 was Evo 2012, now if you were referring to that, please make it clear next time

Fei is a totally balanced character in ae. 25 pages of people crying fei is too good on the official suggestion thread is bullshit, they’re lazy and don’t want to learn the match up. Don’t whiff stupid moves and don’t eat rekkas. They’re blockable! I am pissed at capcom for nerfing a character that requires thought and skill, while there are characters with great pressure and damage while being absolutly brain dead.

I find it hilarious how Fei Long got only nerfs ‘displayed’ so far, while Cammy technically got a huge buff, but remember that we havent seen whats behind the scenes yet - Im calling it now that Cammy’s divekick actually got the SFxT treatment and has shorter startup time and less blockstun and hitstun so that its not a braindead move anymore. As for what Fei Long has to ‘look forward to’, after these nerfs (rekka range and I really fucking hope its a special cancellable (yeah itd be pretty damn strong but who gives a shit? Especially now that lp rekka probably wont even reach from a max range Fei Long is the Bruce Lee of SF4 he needs to be at least top 5 goddamit! :D)

actually didnt realize it happened last year too… there was actually 9 characters played in top 8 this year: Akuma, hakan, balrog, fei, makoto, adon, ibuki, eryu, ryu

The point is to please the moronic masses who get annoyed that jumping around, Dragon Punching and random sweeps isn’t working on Fei.

Also, holding down back won’t work against Seth, so he’s good as dead too.

The link contains a video which shows the new range of the Rekka’s for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. It looks like a pretty significant change, but I’m sure all good Fei players will be able to use them just as effectively. It looks like maybe the speed of them has gotten quicker, so maybe they are now safer on block to compensate the shortened range. Only time and frame data will telll

That video is whats got me pissed, that and the hundreds of people cheering to the sight of fei long with yang rekkas. The fact that people crying on the internet to make changes actually led to such a change definitely does not make me want to give capcom my money. What happens if people keep bitching after the update? They’ll nerf again?

I think AE could be a very balanced game with little tweaks, not the extent they’re going. Characters like chun need the help they are giving her.

I guess we get to pass the torch to ken as the character thats “too good”. Did you see the buffs their giving him?

Cammy looks like she’ll still be the best char in the game. Chun will be up there. Ken. Makoto is gonna be godlike. Did you see Haitani? Yang will be better.

It just seems like every char will be getting some kind of buff and the 1 char who was balanced gets hit the most.

I think Makoto deserves some buffs. Shes a legit character that requires skill. They just need to do it right because with her damage output she could be way op.

I feel like cammy is already top 3 and they are taking away her min dive kick height. Thats scary. They nerfed her heavy buttons a bit. I wanna see what happens with the unblockable thing. she thrives off of it now.

I think yang deserves buff too. They went ham on nerfing him and left yun a good character.

Ken is a viable character now and with a few tweaks he could be really strong. Increased foot speed? st jab combos with sweep? are they for real?

If they would leave Fei alone and buff the characters that need it then he would naturally lose a few spots on the list. He just works well now. The worst part is they are buffing his bad matchups. The point of fei is to punish whiffed and unsafe moves. They are seriously taking a lot of that away. People act like rekkas are always safe have armor and go full screen. If your losing to raw rekka Fei isn’t your problem.

Funny you msg back Dr.P, I was about to hit you up on XBL to ask what your thought.

Well I have more bad news for you all. Fei’s crlk was also nerfed to 4 frames. That is the reason why they showed Fei getting thrown by Ryu. I for one am tired of the nerfs! He got nerfed hard in AE2012 but his main tool was stil lthe same and that was his rekka and frames on his normals. I wrote up a post on Capcom unity because many Fei plaeyrs are upset with the nerfs. They want to say “enough is enough” So let me go over what got nerfed in AE2012

Rekka pushback reduced on all 2nd rekkas when blocked
Rekka chip damage reduced on LP/MP
FK damage reduced on all kicks (LK/NK/HK/EX)
CW damage reduced on MK/HK
FK-FADC on block reduced to -1
Crmp damaged reduced
Clmp-HKCW no longer links
Stlp reduced +1 frame on hit

What did Fei get in return? 10 extra damage points on overhead on hit.

Don’t buy into the “everyone will have something to look forward too” that’s all public relations. The nerf crlk is overkill! Now we can’t beat throws and hit out BNB. Also with crlk being 4fr if you get a jump LP/LK hit, you will not have enough hitstun to start out BNB with crlk.

So again Fei is getting nerfed to much. We are told to adapt, how about everyone else adapt and learn how to fight Fei. Highest placed Fei at EVO was Mago at 17th. PR Rog doesn’t count because Fei is his 2nd and when he used Fei against the best players he lost with Fei. So voice your opinion, the changes are not final from what I have been told. These nerfs should not happen.

You want to nerf Fei? Nerf his stun, nerf CW on block LK-5/MK-3/HK-1 that’s a fair nerf. In return give use some damage back on CW. LK/HK/EX all do the same damage (100), and make the full animation on U1 when the first punch hits. I feel that is fair and he is very balanced already

I found it hilarious how combofiend was all like ‘yeah no need to nerf anyone badly etc.’ and then Fei gets ravaged by the nerf dildo with nothing in return yet (and if we do get something I bet its gonna be some bullshit like cr.hp +10 damage lol)