Apparent fei nerf



That crlk nerf is big! You won’t be able to BNB on a hit.


Good stuff. We’ve all gotta be active on the unity blog to get them to not nerf the most vital part of Fei’s game.


Is there anything that can be done to make capcom take notice and not nerf fei? I don’t play him (yet), but I do feel he is indeed a fair character and doesn’t deserve to get nerfed (specially while cammy gets the min height for cannon stride lowered… WTF?). Or at least certainly not have his nerfed.


Holy chit, that many nerfs? For a non vortex character?


Is jumping in with LP/LK a common tactic for Fei? I don’t play him.


jumping in with lk is, it causes wonky stuff to happen in the corner


Combofiend and many announcers are anti-fei. Watch some fei streams on youtube and you’ll see what I mean. Fei was doomed the day he was employed. He can say no all he wants, but the proof is in the videos. Everyone cries because thats easier than actually learning to play street fighter. I hope we can change this but lets face it, Fei is 1 character vs the 38 other characters who have fans capcom wants to keep happy. Capcom knows you’re going to shell out the 15 bucks for the update even if they nerf his balls off (I’m not if they keep this up). If we’re going to fix this we need to be serious!

Its pretty bad when people who don’t even play him are siding with us. My friend keeps saying calm down , he will still be top tier. I don’t care what tier he is, I play him because it’s FUN and I don"t want his play style to change! People always say fei players are tier whores and it angers me (if you can’t tell). They won’t be happy till he’s a character with just pokes that don’t convert into damage because thats the way they’re headed.


I’m totally down with nerfs (not really but hey what can you do) if they give him some other aspects to his play that will give us a reason to actually have fun with the character.

I’ve said for the past year that Fei overall is quite a boring character (yet traditional, that’s why I play him) even in his current 2012 mold. These nerfs will just make him even more unattractive to play for Fei players and new comers.

They should give him his Death combo back to make him a bit more explosive. Personally I think the following matches may turn just with those nerfs -

Sagat - if he get’s his lk cancel back that’s a big buff now that we have to sit closer
Bison - Already borderline - nerfs should be enough to swing it
Vega - I believe this is already slight advantage Vega - that can only get worse
Akuma - depends what he gets himself but it’s already bad now
Ryu - I can see this match changing now, his strongest tool - - just got even more abusable
Ken - Just looks like he’ll get better all round, walk speed buff in particular looks nasty
Chun Li - The EX breaking glass is fairly big since we can focus and pressure her into the corner.
Dhalsim - Double hitting focus breaker hurts, possibly enough to swing it
Cody - Not sure what he’ll get but I’ve a feeling he’ll win this match now

There are probably a couple more but those are the main ones I can think of. Some of those are without buff announcements too.


I meant to post at an earlier date that I am not unreasonable. I don’t think anyone needs nerfed too hard. If they just fix unblockables and take the vortex away with slight nerfs and buffing the bad characters.

Cammy- Her vortex is what makes her too good. she already hits like a grown man. You can combo st hp to st hp off jump Rh or dive kick and it nets damage in the high 300’s… for no meter. Her low forward to h. spiral gets 185 and 220 for ex… off a poke. So I think fixing he unblockables and the slight damage nerf would balance her as she has a bunch of low execution combos that yield high damage. H Spiral will punish anything h rekka will for one simple input btw.

Seth- I don’t know. The fact that you give a character a good projectile, teleport, and especially command grab in conjunction with one another is absurd, but were dealing with him now.

Akuma- I don’t think he needs too much nerfing. He’s the best character in my opinion, but it takes a lot of execution and skill so I think it’s deserved. I think if they take the armor break off demon flip punch and make his teleport a little more punishable he would be really balanced. They are just his get out of jail free cards on top of amazing offense.

So not to be off topic, this lead up was too give an example of why fei shouldn’t be getting the forced “love making” that are these nerfs. As I said I meant to post this earlier when it would have been more relevant, but working midnight has gotten in the way, so I felt I needed to post if for food for thought.