Apparently citizens in Atlanta are living in an epidemic of HIV comparable to zimbabwe.Okay, wrong


The video has been spreading, and i ignored it. I saw articles i ignored it, and i see another video and im like, wait, do people believe this. I remember telling my home 10 years ago that most of those std statistics are nonsense, and propaganda. Like, just think for a second. You really think 1 in 4 people have hiv, aids, herpes, ect… WUT. LOL. You could combine hiv, aids, herpes of all kind, and whatever else that is incurable, and still not even make up 5 percent of the population. I’ll give you another 5 percent just cause, and its still not a high number of people. Not to mention the complexities of hiv and something like herpes, when it comes to passing it to each other. Condoms generally easily prevent the passage of those diseases.

First of all, this is not an epidemic that needs to get a viral run of news. Second, this cracka ass doctor compared the numbers to zimbabwe. HUH???

The total number of people with HIV in america is 1.2 million. TOTAL IN AMERICA. Thats like .5 percent of america. Zimbabwe is 1.4 million out of 14 million people.

Shit like this is why intelligent black men and women in america are constantly on edge. The continuing usage of bullshit statistics, and fear mongering to paint us as some group of heathens who just have disease and murder each other is a new word. Infuriating doesnt cut it anymore.

The worst part, is im more angry at my people that will continue to spread this lie, than i am at the crackas that bring this nonsense up unchallenged. I hate my love hate relationship with this country. I know its a great country in many ways, and 80 percent of the rest of the world is complete shit, but god fucking damn man.

HIV isnt even as easily passable as other std’s too. Hence why gay men have it the most, because of the unprotected anal sex, by ignorant assholes who for some reason think fucking someone else in the ass unprotected is fine. The place that shit comes out. lol. Anyways, ugh.


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Let’s go back a few steps. Expressing your displeasure with “your people” doesn’t make your wanton use of the word “cracka” any less racist. Your insistence that these statistics are completely fabricated to begin with is laughable, but the notion that it’s being done to portray blacks in a negative light is really out there.

Now let’s explore my @ to Preppy. What did I ask him to do? Read it again. If you have any sober friends around, ask them to read it to you. Do you think my “request” would actually result in your thread being closed/deleted/etc?

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HIV is only an epidemic among low income neighborhood/lacking STD prevention education networks. ie: gay black men and heterosexual black women in urban areas are the highest new infection rates and with Atlanta being the new “black gay capital” of the united states the statistics and sense of urgency makes sense.

But this article is still bullshit, because its not like New York and San Francisco are far behind, and with more white/hispanic people infection rates to boot.

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  2. Sorry, i forgot how racist cracka is. OH MY GOD, SOMEONE CALL OBAMA. The statistics aren’t fabricated. They dont add up you stupid bitch. Its easy to say that, and then not post any numerical counterpart. That guy they interviewed compared “downtown atlanta” to zimbabwe. Thats ludicrous for the obvious reason of the numbers i fucking posted.

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