Apparently Himura Amusements is still going!

I just went out to get the mail and I got a package with my Sanwa parts over a month after I ordered them. The guy wrote he was sorry for the trouble and I got some free Japanese candy and a bat top along with the ball. I guess if you don’t mind waiting awhile Himura Amusements is still up and running.

oh wow. thats kind of a surprise.

:wonder: … if they ever gonna send me all the shit i ordered like 200b.c …:rofl: :rofl:

I wish this dude would get his act togather. He lives in the same town as me, it would be so awesome to have all that stuff at my fingertips.

candy? i wouldn’t eat that if i were you.

Alright now that I got all the wood and parts what do I need for wire and where do I get these quick disconnects?

electronics stores
like radio shack

females only
and rs sells males and females

the guys overpriced anyways. Seriously, why would you order from anyone other than ponyboy.

His website needs tobe taken down, worst business I’ve seen in a while.

How he hasnt managed to be taken to small-claims is amazing.

Whats more amazing, is how people order from him still, and THEN research on here about it.

The thing is one customer said he was going to order from Himuragames instead off me and I sent an email to to the customer warning him not to order before he knows it is 100% ok. It is better to know you get the parts instead off emailing a person for 6month and no answer.

But yeah, I remember ordering from him before all this trouble, he was very nice to me :).

same i ordered from before all this got my parts quick and free candy i hope everything is ok rod :frowning:

Vouch, the dude is alright. I did get one small order from him way before I made the large order that never came, gave me an extra part or two and some candy. But he is a horrible buisnessman, got way overwhelmed, and really needs to step up and be responsible + take the site down.

yeah he def needs to take that site down. people keep ordering it seems.

i hope he explains himself one day. the last news i remember reading on him was that his family lost the family business and that he had to devote himself to the rebuilding process. that warrants some sympathy from me, as i did order from him a couple of times in the past and he treated me well, but he really should have taken down the site or at least disabled the pay buttons.

i dunno report him to the bbb? contact whoever is hosting the site?

I bought something from his ebay store a few months ago. My order got messed up and he sent me all kind of stuff to make up for the error. I’m talking like a free stick, buttons, candy and some other stuff. I find it awkard no one else has yet to receive the stuff they have bought. Granted it took some time, but it was worth while.

Was it really worth while? Candy, buttons and a free stick after how long? I’ve ordered from Rod before and I can’t believe how long it takes, excuse after excuse after excuse. Nice guy but horrible businessman. I think it’s the people who are fine with waiting for months on end if they get some candy or extra buttons out of it that are most surprising to me. Yes, I know life happens but this is a pattern of behavior, just look at his own messageboard. Rod simply can’t keep up with the demands of business and he shouldn’t continue to take orders if he’s just going to make people wait.

I’ve been on both ends of things, I’ve been a buyer and a seller of parts, I know there are things you can’t plan for, things that you can’t prevent. All of that being said, there’s a responsibility when you provide a service, or at least there should be. If I ever had a problem like this, I’d refund all orders or at the very least offer it. True, most people have read these threads by now and aren’t going to order from him, I just think it’s quite surprising that people are okay with waiting for months and gratefully replying when they receive extra items despite waiting for months for a product they likely needed sooner.

At this point I don’t even feel sorry for the people who order from him. Even his site says that you shouldn’t order. The admin put it on the news bulletin on the first page. The prices are higher than any of the vendors on SRK. And then he has an eBay page where prices are even higher.

Even if he were operating, what benefit do you get from ordering from him? He gives you extra crap that you probably don’t want when he fucks up your order? Even people who say they got their order eventually say that there have been mistakes.

NO reason at all to order from him regardless of whether he is shipping orders or not now.


I ordered a bat top and oct. gate from him a while back…took a month or so. Very pissed, every time I would IM him, he would say something was messed up with his order from someone else, blah, blah, blah…

I just stopped caring for a while and they popped up. I’ll never order from him…even if he was the last supplier of sanwa parts, I’d switch over to HAPP.

I also think it’s funny that he probably makes more money now selling imaginary parts then he probably ever did when he sold legitimately. I guess power to him in that sense. Taking money from idiots is the best way to do business.