Apparently I use turbo

Just got done playing some sf4 on xbl and some guy named onesneakyninja accused me of using turbo. Which is funny as I didn’t know the HORI RAP-EX had that function at all.

(Picture of stick for reference )

Searched around, and surprisingly he is a SRK member. It really bothered me that someone would go as far as to call “turbo blanka” just because the kid had major holes in his ryu/akuma/sagat. (Hell, I even beat him using Sakura)

So, am I the only one that gets accused by garbage players as using turbo?

players who are very fast, always get accused of using turbo on some of their moves. Someone accused my blanka with using turbo because i was landing after jumps into electricity. Obviously you dont need turbo for such tactics.

don’t sweat it someone accused me of turbo and all i did was ball into grab like wtf? people are going to talk just keep giving out those L’s

B.B 4 life (blanka bros)

I got a message last week telling me he had reported me for using a hack. I wouldnt mind but im not fast, i cant do walk up elec. Even if i was using turbo its hardly a hack if the official sticks come with turbo. He also called me a pathetic slut, lol.

Hi bush! training like j.wong rufus/boxer ? :slight_smile: we played a few game tonight. Mind you you were the only game i won, i suck so bad :expressionless:

I’ve been accused online several times for using turbo due to the quick jab/c.LK into elec. It’s online so that’s how it goes!

I use turboz. I’m not afraid to admit it. I doesn’t afraid of anything.

The root of this issue is: online is retarded. Find some RL competition to hang out with regularly and learn to enjoy fucking around in champ mode. As soon as you take it seriously you’re just going to frustrate yourself and get a lot of hate mail.

Ive been using rufus a good while. I use blanka, rufus, chun. I mess around with honda and balrog too but im thinking of learning balrog properly. Dont be so hard on yourself, lol.

but hate mail is fun!!! I say ur not truly good (online) until sum1 claims ur hackin.

Well i’m sitting now at 14905 points, no need to tell you i’m not happy, got lucky vs u to get the win, i always have close fight, and 99% of the time loose them :confused:

i was accused of using turbo and i use a stock 360 controller lol

I get accused for it too since I constantly do walking Jab -> FP Elec

As far as I know, turbo was even allowed in the xblive live finals across europe, wasn’t it ?


Ok, my bad, I have read that in the France finale there was a Honda using turbo. Maybe I have misunderstood :frowning:

Don’t use turbo but dont care what people say online.

RL competition is where I care!

Maybe they were just saying that you played Blanka like you would in Super Turbo!


i accused lorddvdjaws of using turbo, he’s the honda player in the french finals, but alioune says he doesn’t so i guess he doesn’t.

Ok !!! Now I understand why LordDVD said that there were a Honda using turbo in his article about this finale !!!