Apparently I use turbo



ive gotten accused for turbo like 5 times in the last week. do people not understand that jab -> HP elect. isnt that hard.


haha i got accused of using turbo in person, just cause i piano tap lol


Funniest part is, I use jab elect…so its essentially 4 taps after the 1st jab hits. I never learned jab-fierce electricity. Although, I should.


That honda player was MaitreNinja something like that


oh so was that guy using turbo in the finals?


lol i get accused of it all the time…funny thing is i Use the 360 pad and the D-pad at that…Wheres teh turbo? lol


Perhaps the guy was too confused by Blanka’s large hair. There is a secret history of Blanka that not many know about, the time where he was in a glam metal band in 1987.


Someone said they would report me on gamefaq for using a “lag button” i dont even know wtf that is. he’s just mad cuz i called him a douche bag, after he was talking shit to me.


I got accused of using hax but i take that has a compliment .Their reaction is even funnier when i told em i’m using a keyboard :smokin:

Or someone with 20% disconnection rate ragequitted me and the moron had the gut to rejoin my lobby and i kicked him 7 time in a row … He msg’ed me telling me how much of a lamer i was and a QUITTER .

But on PC sometime i come across people that i believe hack . But i keep it to myself … Win or Lose.

Some people completly suck but than they pull a 10 min long combo lol

I fought some ppl also that would focus attack so perfectly but everything else sucked in their game.

It’s like every attack would be FA’ed (Like when you fight PC on Master) and they would pull a .5 frame counter ultra everytime.

Unless it’s like PC and it’s scripted … I don’t see how they can perma pull a ultra counter Jab .


Not ony i use turbo, i recommend every pc or console player to use turbo. I dont need macro controller, i dont fight with combos, but hey, if you want to use macro controller, do it, and show me a nice fight.

And to all arcade players or tournament players: If you dont use turbo/macro because there is NO Turbo/macro integrated in Arcade or if you dont use turbo/macro because the tournament rules dont allow, so go and play your game there. But dont tell others how they have to play the game for your advance.
You want to fight a good fighter with turbo/macro to call yoursel “tournament winner” or you want to fight in your own limited skills to call yourself “tournament winner” if you win a tournament.

Using turbo is not only advance for hondas hands, chuns legs, blankas electro, using turbo in general for any characters will make your moves more secure.

A street fighter tournament, where turbo/macro/keboard/keyboard-to-gamcontroller-mapping-tools are definetly allowed, will show up the most strongest street fighters.

the best 100 of turbo/macro/keboard/keyboard-to-gamcontroller-mapping-tools Players
fight against
the best 100 no-turbo/no-macro/keyboard/no-keyboard-to-gamcontroller-mapping-tools Players 100 times against everyone from the other group in a new kind of street fighter tournament, who will win mostly ?? That would be interesting for the statistics. I m sure the turbo/macro using players will have higher winnings. And thats not cheating, thats only semi-automated “hardware input” which makes the moves (or even combos) start more secure (or instantly) instead of “it did not work” if playing without turbo.


I love this guy. Hitler’s final solution was also completely reasonable to these dumb krauts.
Adolf, the game isn’t played using turbo or other macros shit because if everybody did that it would be very boring and not fun.


I don’t use turbo online but in occasions where I’ve had to unlocks colors and titles again I say to myself “Just turbo this crap” and I do.

and to the weird turbo guy I’m pretty certain the best 100 turbo/no-macro/keyboard/no-keyboard-to-gamcontroller-mapping-tools Players would actually lose to the best 100 no-turbo/no-macro/keyboard/no-keyboard-to-gamcontroller-mapping-tools Players if those players actually played on even ground.

You’re not good if you’re using turbo, you just limit yourself. But whatever.


I only use the standard x-box dpad (which is awful, but I make do). I wanted to lead with that because I’ll probably get called a scrub, but…

I’ve never used turbo (I don’t have it), but I never understood the crazy hate for it. People who use tournament sticks have an advantage over people on a crap d-pad. People use different tools, some better than others. I would argue turbo on a d-pad is still inferior to a stick without one, but no-turbo-stick-users still act as though they’re being cheated by turbo users.

And I’m really not sure a macro is in the same league as turbo (It would seem the devastation caused by a giant combo out weighs an easy electricity, but I could totally be wrong)

And to people who use a keyboard, kudos. I can’t imagine how tough that must be.


Well this is incorrect straight away. There are three control pad players in our gamer community and they are all very good, one of them took one of last month’s ranbats.

Here’s the fact, control pad, keyboard and stick are different tools but turbo is an enhancement. I’m certain there are many pad players better than the best stick players in the world. To believe they are at a disadvantage is silly.


Um I don’t know bout you guys, but my fingers are a LOT faster than the turbo on my TE stick.


There are some very good players, even some pro players that play or used to play on pad. Rico used to play pad, that Gief player on the west coast still does. However, the BEST players in the world are stick. Without question.


I figure the difference between stick and dpad is like two runners using different trainers, while using turbo is more like taking steroids. If that makes any sense.


lol. good analogy. a pad is like a college trainer and a stick is like an olympic trainer.


Let’s just say that the developers of the game didn’t program the game to be played with turbo. They designed the inputs for electricity, lightning legs and hundred hand slaps so that it requires at least a bit of skill to pull them off in combos.
If they wanted turbo to be in the game, the would have designed it the way that holding down a button is the same as tapping it repeatedly.

Sorry if that was said already thousands of times, but I just saw a posting of zeeshan again. :wink:


Man that is a great idea.
I use turbo with Blanka and I justify it by saying that Zangief has a one button special move too when lariat is set to one button. Also there is an amount of skill required to know how long you need to hold the button down, not as much as pressing the buttons (I’m talking about pad, stick is not hard w/o turbo), because if the button is held for too long then the animation repeats and leaves Blanka vulnerable. Deep down I know I’m wrong though and Fastlane is right, and this mod would really make my day.