Apparently Mr. Rogers is Evil

According to Fox News Mr. Rogers is evil. The sheer amount of stupid here is nuts.

Lmao people being lazy worthless fuck ups isnt Mr. Rogers fault. It’s their parents fault for not teaching them how the world works.

Yo dawg this video is so 2008

Wow! This video is so timely! Look, I just found another one that just became popular and no one has ever seen before:

The fact that any of these people think they have any room to talk shit about anybody, let alone Mr. Freaking Rogers, is galling to the point where I wish TV had never been invented.

Really…Mr. Rogers is evil? Man, they must have a really high standard of what a good person is.

Well if you’re not a super man level android fueled by Christianity with a kryptonite like aversion to poor minorities you clearly deserve to be judged negatively by the FOX news moral authorities.

Gotta stomp all over that individuality.

Just “work hard” cause that’s all it takes.

They fucking never say what working hard entails, or even for a moment fathoms that being yourself and your own person means that you define yourself by something other than what you’re bombarded with every day by the media. That you reject ideas that attempt to shoe-hole you into someone else’s mold of how you should behave. And when that behavior isn’t popular, you still behave in the same manner regardless of what everyone else is doing.

That’s all Rogers was trying to instill in children. No where ever did he associate individuality with reward. The reward comes in being valued by others for your individuality.

Now. Who’s failing in that regard?

Oddly, the first thing that came to my mind was how individual whistle-blowers are. That’s probably about as good as an example you’re going to get for individuality.

Not only do you watch Fox but you also made a thread about it.

SMH :shake:

Actually this showed up in my FB feed. So no I don’t watch Fox. Id get more accurate news from the Daily Show than Fox.

…but you still find the time to make a whole thread about a not-actually-serious opinion segment they did on somebody else’s research in 2008.

“He’s special” like everyone of god’s creatures where everyone is unique.

I personally just saw it, and it seems some other people did too, I also found it funny enough to share. and unless youre a mod be quiet and go somewhere else if you don’t like it cause trust me there are waaayy worse topics for GD.

And they get made fun of, too.

This sums up Fox pretty nicely

Dave chappelles genius knows no bounds.

Although, fake still pretty accurate.

I wrote a paper in my developmental psychology class contrasting different messages in Children’s media. One of the ones I focused on was Mr. Rogers vs. Barney, and I would rather have Mr. Rogers any day.

Mr. Rogers focuses on exploring your own uniqueness and appreciating the unique differences of others. Barney is unbridled and banal conformity, and if you don’t do what the dinosaur says and fit in with the rest of the kids, you’re wrong.

Fox hates Mr. Rogers because he promotes independent thinking that questions the establishment of the elite and media, and when younger people call them out on their bullshit they want to make it look like they’re just being delusional and self entitled.

Anyone who shits on Mr. Rogers should be drug out into the street, and attempted to be shot, before Mr. Rogers comes down from heaven in human form to tell us that killing is wrong, and we are convinced to let the person go.

Nice, did you have to watch tons of episodes from both shows?