Apparently Mr. Rogers is Evil

I had to watch a lot of children’s media. But yeah, too many Barney episodes will make you want to kill.

Are we talking of the Mr Rogers who defeated Mr. T in a rap battle?

motherfuckers just don’t understand what makes a person good anymore.

you didn’t catch any dirt in your eye after this video, kill yourself.

Only Fox news would do a hit piece on Mr. Rogers years after he has been dead. What a bunch of tools.

Just seen this thread after watching this lol

They’d have never gotten away with it when he was alive. You do not want to risk reprisal from this man.

Can you imagine anybody from Fox News trying to debate this guy?

does anybody else remember the old rumours that Mr Rogers wore a sweater to cover up tattoos he got in Vietnam as a sniper or some shit??

Teaching kids how to flip the bird LOL
I use to watch his shows all the time as a kid in the 80s. I remember this one:

Screw fox, trying to buzzkill my childhood, they can die in a fire.

OP late as fuck but there’s never a bad reason to remember all this dude did for us.

Title needs to be changed to “Apparently Fox News is Retarded.”


When I pull up the faint memories in my mind of the beginning of Fox News I REALLY believe that it was started as a joke. A decent amount of the stuff they’d report wasn’t even true. Now I think it’s mostly true, but it’s just spun to hell and back. I don’t even remember it having an ultra-right wing slant, it was just really off the wall. Truthfully I think Fox News is genius. I think that Rupert Murdoch, or whoever is in charge over there is the PT Barnum of our time. He sees people eat that shit up, and feeds it to them. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of the people who work there are actors/comedy writers. The real problem I have with it is that it calls itself “News”. If it was just Fox Conservative Corner, or some shit like that I’d be fine with it, but the word “news” carries a weight that Fox is not deserving of. Also when exported to other countries it makes us look even stupider.

What’s funny is the way that Fox’s enormous gravitational field of stupidity has distorted the orbits of the other news stations.

For example, in The Real Frank Zappa Book (written in 1988), Frank spends some time talking about CNN’s unspoken endorsement of the Reagan Administration and how even the looniest stories of the day were given a positive spin (e.g. Star Wars) or swept under the rug (e.g. Iran-Contra). I have to wonder what he would think about Fox News if he’d lived to see it rise to prominence.