Apparently switching input methods is not a good idea


I went to the mountains for the weekend and could not bring my fightstick to play SSFVI AE on PC, so I picked up a used copy of SSFVI 3D and brought 3DS. I made considerable improvements on 3DS over the weekend, but now that I’m home and have my PC, my execution has just gone to crap. I managed to beat Arcade Mode with Ryu on Easy as I had on 3DS on Saturday, but it took me forever to beat Honda, apparently because I was playing too defensively. It’s harder for me to pull off a Shoryuken now than when I left. Should I just not play on 3DS anymore?


I don’t even see why one would play SF on a hand-held at all…

The problems you described seem to stem from not using your arcade stick for a while and your own playstyle. Playing on stick and on a pad (or a handheld system) is two different sets of muscle memory, unless you somehow forget you’re using a stick while playing on a console…


Yeah, that’s what I mean. I got used to playing on the 3DS thumbpad and it screwed up my execution on the stick.

I just like having a portable option, I guess, but if it’s going to be this harmful, I’ll lay off.