Appealing a manager @ work = termination?


Im wondering if by going over a manager instead of just taking an L sorta seal your fate as far as longevity of your current job?

To make a long story short, my manager wrote me up today for doing a “no call no show” almost 2 WEEKS ago, I wont even try to make sense of why she waited so fucking long…ANYWAY, only I called into my job several times with no answer several hours before my shift, left a message and even called my manager later in the day (after I was feeling better) to tell her I could still come in since the pain had gone away.

My manager’s argument is basically I should have called her personally (even though she was on vacation) and that she has a cell phone for a reason (to answer our calls 24 hours a day) and that leaving a message AT WORK on the call-out line, was the incorrect procedure. Too bad I’ve been doing that for the last 2 years since I’ve been working here way longer than her. Well, I stressed the fact that I called in and nobody answered the phone which is why I left a message like the handbook said…she goes “nobody’s ever sitting in the office to answer the phone” WHAT? :confused: How many of you would call a supervisor who you have NO personal relationship with at 5 in the morning, while they were on vacation, to tell them you werent coming to work, when you could just call in to your job? For starters I think its in horrible taste and secondly, if you didnt tell me it was okay to do so, why act as if it was something that should be understood?

I think its funny how some personalities on the job try to regulate, but they themselves are full of shit. I work in a kitchen, this lady comes to work undressed ie: not in her chef uniform, walking around an oil and water filled floor in her timberland boots and jeans (real dikey broad she is), leaves every day for hours on end, smokes, eats on the clock…its really laughable that she has the nerve to try and crack down at work all of a sudden.

So I look in the handbook. I dont see what the fuck shes talking about anywhere. It literally says you must notify your job within a reasonable amount of time that you cant show up. Either contacting a supervisor/manager or answering machine of your absence.

So ultimately I didnt sign the writeup, which apparently shows you are disagreeing with the plan of action taken. And I plan on going to the general manager tomorrow, and after that the unit controller/corporate HQ if I have to. When I feel like Im not wrong, its hard to shut me up.

Im getting a job transfer to another state in around 2 months, so I dont have to stick it out here for an extended time, ie: enough time for them to figure out another way to get me in hot water long enough to fire my ass. But still, I can feel that theres an un-repairable riff between us now because she wants to be a bitch, and I’m not having her shit. This shit is so stupid.


I’m a manager, and I sure as shit do not want to be bothered by my employees while I’m on vacation unless it’s an absolute emergency that cannot be handled by anyone else.

Also, if your Policy & Procedures Handbook says that notifying the answering service of your absence is sufficient, then you did nothing out of order.


So lets say you wrote someone up at work, they ended up going over your head, and ended up being right.

Could you/would you just wait for them to do something to to get them fired? Because I’ve talked to one supervisor and a receptionist for the call out line and they both said I followed the procedure of the handbook.

At the end of the day, if something is supposed to be done a certain way at work, then people need to KNOW. Dont tell me Im supposed to call xxx after the fact, when I been calling yyy the past 2 years because youre the new executive chef and you want things done your way.

Shes such a fucking bitch the more I think about this.



I don’t know how your work place is, but I work in an office with TONS of bullshit office politics. Let’s just say that if your manager really wants to fire you, she’ll find a way. And if your manager’s boss likes her? You’re as good as gone. I don’t how it is in your state, but in Wisconsin, we are an at-will state; meaning, the employer and employee can terminate the employment at any time for any/no reason.


Yeah I think its only worth going over your managers head if being written up is very serious. If it isn’t then it isn’t worth creating an enemy to satisfy your ego.


Yeah, I typically don’t raise a stink about ANYTHING unless it’s ultra-important. Otherwise, there’s no reason to leave a bad taste in your boss’ mouth, no matter how wrong she is. Everyone has a boss, and if the top boss is on your mid-boss’ side, it doesn’t matter how right you are.


pherai, Im literally moving in a month Ill be gone by then, but im not going to get written up and have 1 write up follow me to another state where I might get 2 more and then I be outta a job, you know? I want to transfer with a clean slate.

This bitch better do what she gotta do in 43 days then. . .


Hey, claim hostile work environment.


It looks like she made a boo boo, rather than say ‘‘Sorry I fucked up’’ she’s trying to save face.

I don’t really know how things work in the USA but in the UK you could complain to her superiors, though doing such a thing would likely make your job more difficult as she would more than likely start to scrutinise your actions looking for a legitimate problem.


Hm I dunno then. Just make sure you look at it practically and don’t do anything just to make a point.


Don’t worry about it. She obviously trying to make an impact. A lot of noise for a small thing, which her manager and senior management above that don’t want to waste time on.

I don’t think she’ll escalate it, and even if she does then you have more than enough ammo to send the bitch home and be a family man.


Can you call a meeting with both your kitchen manager and gm at the same time? I too work in a kitchen but I’m on very good terms with all my managers so I feel that I could go to any of them about one another, but if you aren’t getting anywhere with the mid level boss then go talk to the GM.

I remember I had this one female gm at my other job. She had to share the store with my current gm as he was in the process of transferring to run his own store. So pretty much it was like some weird parental situation where you have a problem with mom so you run to dad. Never vice versa though. I hated that woman. She too was like some dyke bitch (sorry lesbians) and we butted heads constantly on what the right course of action was on a day to day basis. I was right a lot. We had our talks, I was written up at least once by her, etc. Eventually the bitch got fired. She had really been a fuck up and I out lasted her dumb ass.

Moral of the story? Being written up won’t mean doom and from the sounds of it you’ve been an upstanding employee. If your GM won’t listen AND act on your behalf then just take the hit. Like you said, you’ll be leaving soon. Follow the rules and use them to back you up if Timbo bitch tries to run game on you again.

God speed.


Just kill her.

She’s a dyke. Which means she has let the Femnazi divert her from her natural innate life course. And she can’t even handle basic kitchen etiquette. I had a problem with this the minute you said she didn’t wear her uniform and leaves the kitchen for hours on end. She has no value in society.


Talk to the big boss.


Am I the only one who initially read the title as: Appealing manager @ work = termination?

I thought this was going to be love gone wrong at the office :rofl:


Depends on how deep you want to get in with politics. If you are leaving, then who knows.


thats how Ive been on unemployment for the past 8 months.


just apply at another McDonalds


I dont recall mentioning anything at a McDonalds.

Students of Le Cordon Bleu are much better than that.


Oh it was a joke c’mon.

In my experience in a kitchen environment, you (an employee) are always wrong. It doesn’t matter how right you might be. General manager will usually support their manager decisions. It shows weakness otherwise. I see the best case scenario as the big boss agreeing with you but not going to do a damn thing. Worst case scenario: you’re told to shut up and get threatened with your job and given some bullshit speech about work ethic.