Appeals court rejects California's Proposition 8

A proposition that should have never become law is finally struck down. Good job, California!

Yay for CA! And for gays everywhere!

It would’ve been better if this had happened yesterday. Would’ve been the best birthday ever.

why is marriage such a big deal straights confuses the shit out of me. Especially when they don’t practice what they preach

Good for you California. Lead the way.

Because human beings are stupid, fickle creatures.

About time.

It was a sad state of affairs when Chickens got more rights during that vote than homosexuals…

It probably won’t last, but it’s a good start.

Hurray for buttsex!

Bubba suddenly appears behind Valaris

Bubba: C’mere boy!!! I wanna celebrate!!!


It’s a matter of equal rights. Marriage is arbitrary and pointless and downright irresponsible a lot of the time, but everyone should have the same right to it.

To be fair, gays confuse the shit out of me too; especially when they practice what they preach :wink:

Hippies or hipsters, who do you hate more?

i was reading how the original judge that struck it down was gay but didn’t think it was a conflict of interest to preside over the case…i lol’d.

If marriage is arbitrary and pointless why is it such a big deal to gays?
Civil unions should have the same benefits as marriages, then everybody should be happy; the gays and the santorumites (in fact, everyone should just have civil unoins, let the churches worry about marriages in all its conjugated variants).
But when gays who dismiss such a proposal and proclaim that they ‘want it to be called marriage too’, they reveal how disingenuous their personal mission is

because everybody has an equal right to be miserable as fuck

and gratz to this. I was shocked and saddened when Prop 8 passed originally, and for once America did something right.

Good news! I hope this victory can last a while.

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Because not everyone shares my opinion about marriage, you fucking retard. Gays want equal access to marriage, plain and simple.

I agree.

No they don’t. They want the right to be lawfully wed. I can go an have a civil ceremony with my woman and walk out legally married. Gays want to be able to do the same thing.

If anyone in a civil union has the exact same rights as anyone in a marriage and this is still not enough for you, you have to admit that what you actually care about is the word ‘marriage’ itself and not equal rights.
If the crux of the mission is the definition of ‘arbitrary’ words, the mission is completely devoid of substance and you might as well argue against calling gays ‘gays’ and straights ‘straights’, since these words also distinguish between the two conditions and are similarly counter to your symbolic crusade to erase all artifacts of an obvious distinction

i’m with hubcap completely on this. as much as the LGBT community plays up that they just want the same rights as everyone, in pretty much every state that they’ve been given the exact same rights (via civil unions) they’ve been like “fuck that we want it to be called marriage, too!”. i’m all for equal rights, i’m against calling things something they’re not.