APPLE HELP! Noob Inside

Well, I’m a freaking noob when it comes to apple’s. I bought a laptop from a friend, it’s an Apple Ibook Laptop I’m having trouble trying to play like a .avi file which I know I need a diffrent player but they won’t install*_*. I tried VLC for mac and it don’t work get an error when i try to run it. Someone please help!!! Got a couple more questions not many at all tho.

Thanks in Advanced

A good app to use is MPlayer, I use that more often than not. Usually If I have a stubborn video file, I’ll just open it in final cut pro, but at a thousand bucks, thats just a little too pricey to open some random AVI file. Mplayer works a lot like VLC, but I’ve found it to be a little more reliable. AVI is really just a container format, so its possible that it may even play on WMP for mac or even Quicktime, but I’d say definitely give MPlayer a try first.

You can find lots of useful mac stuff at under the mac osx search field.

Just out of curiosity, what kind of iBook is it? a white one? Also, which version of OSX? (I hope you are using OSX =p) You can find this in tha apple menu on the top left “about this mac”. that may help with future troubleshooting issues you may have.

Some of the really wacky Windows media codecs can only be played using Windows media player - and some of them only work on Windows. There is an old version of Windows Media Player 9 for OS X, and it’s pretty crappy, but it will handle a lot of the stuff the VLC/MPlayer can’t.

It’s white OSX I belive but it’s 10.1.5 if that helps? it’s not a bad ass one 600mhz with 128mb ram:( but then again I wasn’t expecting much for about $150 or did I get ripped off? Anyway It really dont’ matter, all I wanted it for was to get the feel of Mac and watching video files;p and it’s doing it’s job good enough for that. Again, I know nothing of apple I really bought to mess with apple and kinda learn it. Well, now that I have been messing with it for about a day or two it’s kinda cool.
If, you know any good sites for like noobs to learn the OS a bit more or how to reinstall it from scratch would be really appreciated:clap:
Oh’ and I finally got .avi’s to work just earlier today I downloaded the older version of VLC and it works fine for me. I was getting like version 10 and it wouldn’t open. I will try the one you are talking about, Thanks.

You really, really need to upgrade to a newer version of Mac OS X or you’re going to have huge trouble running most of today’s applications.

yeah, that is a pretty old version. I’m sure Panther(newest version of the OS) will run fine on that machine, but one thing you may wanna do is up the ram to it’s max capacity. getting the new version of the OS and Ram may cost you as much as you paid for laptop, but it may be worth it to you and you will see a huge difference. I wouldn’t say you got ripped off at all.

You can learn a lot about macs and mac os in general from the apple website, but there are lots of good apple info sites to be found with google- I don’t really frequent any, though.

lol. shit I don’t even know how to start to uninstall and reinstall the os on these things;p
Panther you say? I’ll look into that, How do I upgrade?:smiley: So it was an O.K deal you think?
there has been a couple of things I couldn’t get because its an old version OS:(

Oh’ How do you download torrents on mac? what client do you use? I’ve googled it for ever and found nothing good:(


Ideally you’ll want to install Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger, 10.3 was codenamed Panther), if you’re a student you should be able to obtain a hefty discount on Apple software (here in Sweden we can get 50%). More RAM is always a good idea as well. For downloading third-party free-/shareware I’d recommend MacUpdate.

Dude! that is tight site.
OS 10.4 it is. Thanks

yeah, I meant tiger. lol. Tiger is really awesome though, you should check it out on apple’s website. Lots of cool little features, such as spotlight, expose, and dashboard(widgets). All you have to do to uprgade the OS is put in the disk, its pretty easy. You can get all the help you need in the help tab in finder, (at the top) also, as the help browser works for everything that has a help file on your computer, its searchable. It can even help you wipe everything out and start fresh.

Also, I wouldn’t be able to function without the iCal, Address book, and Mail integration, saves me so much time.

Since, you mentioned the mail. How do I use my Yahoo Email account with the mail? like, SMTP Host name and all that other stuff? I’ve been trying but it doesn work for me, I know i’m doing it wrong but, I messed around with it for like 2hrs and still couldn’t get it:( Apple’s suck for me at the moment since I dont’ know nothing;p

I hear tomato torrent is good for torrents, at least it was about a year ago. Dunno, I don’t really use torrents. Currently I use .mac (dotmac) for mail, so I don’t really know how to use other mail service providers with mail, but I know at one time, I did get my msn hotmail to work with it as a seperate inbox. If I have problems, I always ask here:

Its the most helpful community I have found online for OSX help. I can’t believe how helpful they are. All you need is a livejournal, which is free.

Sorry, I don’t think you’re going to find any torrent-clients compatible with your ancient OS version. Aside from that Transmission and Bits on Wheels are both decent.

Isn’t it funny that his OS is considered ancient by apple standards? How often does a new version of windows come out?

The Flip4Mac WMV plug-in replaces that, actually. Check that out - it should be much better than WMP9 for OS X.

For sure you need to download an application called

I built a windows and this is what I miss from mac. Poison is basically Kazaa Limewire edonkey etc all rolled into one you can search them all at the same time. Tomatoe is a decent torrent for mac I believe they had one for ever vs of OSX.

For P2P file sharing, I would go with Acquisition, its what we use at work. Its very stable, and you don’t have to deal with the glitches in Poison- Additionally, it has integrated osx features, such as iTunes linking and filters for file spammers. (they work pretty well, too.)