Apple, Moon Unit, Heavenly Hirani Tiger Lily, now Blue Ivy

Those are people’s names. Star’s kids.

Simple question; So do you think these people are (or will be) bothered by their names, or are they too busy being rich?

I wouldn’t mind being called whatever if the tradeoff is a life of luxury. Even then you’ll inherit enough money to change your name in the future.

Besides who doesn’t wanna fuck a bitch while asking “who’s your daddy?” and hear “HEAVENLY HIRANI TIGER LILYYYY”

Normal people would be bothered, but money has a magically healing power to overcome anything.

Wait and see, by the time Blue Ivy is 1 years old, she’ll have her own nappy perfume, clothing range, by the age of 3 she’ll produce her first track, by 6 she’ll have her first platinum selling album.

Blue Ivy is a pretty name in my opinion. Doesn’t sound too off the wall.

Blanket Jackson:smokin:

isn’t even his real name.

Apple is fine. I honestly don’t see the problem. Naming her after any other type of fruit would sound outright crazy.
Moon Unit Zappa is nothing. Check out her sister, Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen Zappa.
Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily wasn’t her birth name. She was just born Tiger Lily and the name got changed later.
Blue Ivy, I don’t see the problem. Ivy is a sort of common female name, or was back in the day.

People need to start using these kinds of names more, IMO. Stop looking to the fucking bible for your child’s name.

Tiger Lily is a badass name for a girl. Females never have badass names.

No nigga, her first name is ‘Blue’… I’d rather look in the bible than a crayon box for my kid’s name…

Maybe because my kids would have to deal with real life issues, like filling out a job application… if you’re rich you don’t have to worry about any of this… you can do shit just because you’re rich when you have as much money as a Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter or Beyonce Knowles…

You can even dress like this … if you happen to be Michael Jordan…

And 20 years from now HRs will practice fadeaway shots with your offspring’s resume.

If a normal person gave those kids those names, that’s like forcing someone to live life on Hard Mode.

Blue isn’t that uncommon of a name. :coffee: It just it’s normally spelled Blu.

I know her name is Blue, I never said it wasn’t. Moon Unit’s first name Moon, too - Unit is her second name.