Apple patents the dual shock controller (Apparently to be used on the 360)


Not only does the controller look exactly like the Dual Shock (except for the two buttons above where start/select would be) they use a console that looks exactly like the Xbox 360 in the design.

…seriously… dafuq?


These crackers trolling.


IP trollin’


Apple Sue-ing Samsung? For like 4 billion $$$$ for things looking too similar to “our brand”

Sony could sue Apple here, and its even in their precedents suing over controllers, the Dual Shock and its patents.

Circle jerk lawsuits, to exchange billions of dollars, Billions.


Yes, because the world really wants to fucking play a full on console game on a tiny ass screen or an iPad.
If I wanted to have the console experience then I’ll just fucking Vince McMahon my ass to my room turn on my monitor and PS3 and freakin’ play.

Fuck Apple
Gay ass white boy products…
Sandals w/ socks wearing mothafuckas :annoy:

1 of 3 Zune HD owners in the world >___>


The fuck is a Zune?


You may be interested in this


You also like kinect and all the shovelware that’s out for it now.


There’s a government out there that isn’t pussy whipped by large corporations? Whoa.


i dont care about console gaming, just let me slide my 4s into a screen like the padphone. the damn processor is good enough for that, so why should i be forced to use a tiny screen?


UK represent! :rock:

US Supreme court needs to stomp this kind BS out.



looks back at Vita



This is dumb…

That said if I hadn’t already adapted to using a stick for fighting games I’d pick one up like a flash as long as the d-pad was as good as a dual shock, pad on the normal 360 controller is atrocious.


Zune HD doesn’t use Itunes. Just that makes it superior to apple products.


Zune had potential :frowning:


Still does. WP7 (and soon WP8) phones have a Zune HD player built it and honestly, after trying 2 creatives, 3 ipods, and 1 sony mp3 player, I’ve never been more satisfied with such a device.



But for real, the only people I’ve seen wearing sandals with socks were black basketball players at University…


true, I used to wear those after baseball. hella comfy!


iPod > Zune

Zune Software is shittier than iTunes. iTunes is still a huge pile of shit. Valaris as a huge microsoft mark and RockB doesn’t eat chicken skins; why does anybody take their opinion on anything seriously?:rofl:



Zune software was annoying, cant speak now cause I havent used it in like 4 years after I sold my first gen zune