Apple wins ban on HTC Android devices at US ITC

Oh Apple…

“The United States International Trade Commission just ruled in favor of Apple in its case against HTC and banned the importation and sale of HTC Android devices including the Sprint Evo 4G, Verizon Droid Incredible, AT&T Aria, and T-Mobile G2.”

What’s sad is, I’m not surprised. Disappointed, but, not surprised.
Well played, Apple. Well played.

i just want samsung and motorola to finally say “fuck apple” and start raping them on component prices until they start acting right.

So let me get this right Apple, you’re afraid of the Android market crushing your device so you slap a lawsuit in order to get a ban? Bitch move but whatever. Apple can kiss my ass anyways coming out with a new phone every year and making the previous one obsolete.

Pretty much… Despite that the reason they even came into being was because they ganked Xerox. Oh wait, I thought it was innovation? And the sad thing is, there’s nothing really all that innovated about their products, in my opinion. Siri? You pretty much got the Dragon speech program and slapped it onto your phone. And Siri isn’t really all that great. There was really no major changes to the 4S that couldn’t have just been a giant update. There was no physical changes… so, what did Apple really do? Nothing. The whole carrot on a stick method.

But what kills me the most is that people continue to fall into these stupid trends trying to keep up with the Jones’. Just to say you have the lastest “this” or “that” when it pretty much does the same functions as last year’s model.

Only Apply product I have is my iPod Touch and it was the one without the camera. I wasn’t rushing to drop another $300+ for a camera when I have my HTC EVO 4G for that.

But technically, I have contraband. Lol. Even though our devices are “grandfathered” in. /whatever

They innovated by buying Siri and implementing it… they didn’t develop that. Just like how Apple bought Final Cut Pro way back in the day. Gotta give them credit where credit is due, they sometimes make great bets with how they buy out companies/technology. They aren’t always successful, but that is a completely different topic.

Anyway, the whole patent thing has to get looked at and it’s stupid how these companies just try to block the sales of each other. Sure, the iPhone has a very minimalist design, but they shouldn’t be trying to get all the other minimalist phones banned. That’s just ridiculous.

I understand where you’re coming from… But buying out companies/technologies that were developed by others and then taking it as your own isn’t really being “innovative”. Like you said, it’s taking lucky bets. I don’t “hate” Apple, I just hate their whole overzealous and almost arrogant attitudes about their products. As if, they’re the only ones entitled to having an aesthetically attractive product.

I meant innovative in a business sense.

Apple has to keep an arrogant attitude about their products and create/maintain an elitist mentality to them… it’s been their business strategy for a long time and it has worked.

Seriously what the fuck? How can people still call Microsoft the greedy evil empire when Apple are just trying to openly monopolise everything?

Sadly it is (Dem Pirates of Silicon Valley). It sucks that something like an Apple product seems more like a status item than a consumer device.

@CStatic: Because it’s easy to continue demonizing a demon.

Steve Jobs is dancing in his grave.

Reading this thread from my IPod 4g.

Apple and Google are playing divide and conquer on the mobile phone industry, competing against each other is a less serious project IMO.

What the hell? I’m just getting used to my HTC Merge after resisting jumping on the smart phone band wagon for years. Now you’re telling me it’s going to be discontinued?
Fuck that… I’ll go back to an analog flip top before I’m forced to buy a piece of shit iphone. :bluu:

:wtf: First of all you clearly didn’t read the article (It’s SRK posting blindly is the norm I know) and second how is it a bitch move to use the capitalist system to your advantage and go after a competitor who’s infringing on your shit? Apple is playing to win son!

Good for apple, HTC tried to xcopy them and got punished hard, but it looks like HTC is looking for that counter hit patch opportunity.

I’d rather go back to flip phones than support apple.

Just more proof that the patent system needs to be updated for now.

Yeah, shit like this while a good legal move really curbs innovation. It’s like when someone XFC3 fuzzy guards you in UMVC3, don’t hate the player hate the game.

Meh, its just how business goes…

Use whatever phone works for you, everybody copies something then trys to improve on the said idea. itunes is basically napster just smarter and peeps pay.

The iphone is a good product and if i was in the cell phone business why wouldn’t i study their shit then try to make it better. Good defenses study their comp and form a game plan to compete/win lol.

HTC basically got flagged for a penalty, automatic first down for Apple. That doesn’t mean that HTC wont find a work around. when I worked for Tmobile then later on verizon I told peeps HTC would become a major player cause they study apple and try to improve.

HTC still gonna do their thing and peeps still gonna buy their phones. IMO this works in HTC favor like oh man fuck apple imma go get a HTC Alpha/Omega phone lol.

Fuck Apple, I dont want an iDouche.

It’s a bitch move because the patent that’s being “infringed” is really an obvious ui interface option(turning a phone number into a link to call with) that HTC in all likelyhood developed without realizing it was patented. Yes, shit like that does happen. In other news, Apple has patented the rectangle, all other tablets must move to a circular design.

Xerox would like their UI back. And your Great Leader has some words on this:

How has Apple been innovative lately? The first iPhone was aesthetically a Prada rip off. Every single “revolutionary” addition to the iPhone was a copy of another company, most recently Android. Granted, Siri is a great gimmick, but if you look at the last couple of years, every iPhone iteration was Jobs playing catch up to the latest Android device. I’m not saying one is much better than the other, don’t turn this into an Android/iPhone war, but for Apple to use patents like that claiming other companies are stealing their ideas when Apple was based on stolen ideas; I don’t htink the word hypocricy is big enough for this.