Searched for a thread and couldn’t find one.

Thinking about buying one and seeing if anyone has one and what they like/dislike about it?

I don’t want to stream all my movies - just looking for a decent solution to stream music and some tv shows from time to time to watch before going to bed.

Derek Daniels

I heard the little unit gets really really hot.

no xbox 360, huh?

No - I have a Wii, 360, ps3, etc all in one room (the living room - hooked up to a 50" sxrd and a denon 3806 receiver driving everything).

I’m looking for a solution in my bedroom (panny 42" plasma with a sony htib) that doesn’t require me to buy another damn console haha.

I was thinking about that airport express bidness but that only does music and if i’m paying $100 for that thing - might as well pick up a used 40gb apple tv and get a little more functionality but for not a whole lot more money.

Plus I would like to have something simple enough that the woman can use while i’m not around. For the living room that answer was a Harmony remote haha - best $100 I ever spent, no joke.

I really want a media server that I can just dump all my music, video, photos and have any computer, console, device access it in any room. I feel like there should be a good solution but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Derek Daniels

from what i understand with the apple tv… you can only stream content from itunes and youtube (correct me if i’m wrong)

you can check out this, maybe?
NetGear EVA700

EDIT: uhhh, maybe n/m about that, just read some bad customer reviews on, bout half of them are good

YOu’re going to have to do some hacking it make it like XviD/DivX and a few other popular formats. Thankfully, there’s tools out there so you don’t have to break open the box to do so.

But there are devices that do support more popular formats but they’re more expensive… So…

I think that AppleTV is a good solution as long as you don’t mind losing a lot of compatibility. By itself, it can only playback H264 videos in m4v, mp4, and mov file formats.

You can use other programs (like RedKawa’s software, to convert videos to the right format, but the processing on that takes way too long, and doing so makes it too inconvenient for regular usage IMO.

For compatibility, there are only two “real” solutions. Solution 1 is setting up an Xbox 1 Media Center (you can easily set it up as a media center only, like mine was for the last 2 years I used it). It’s all easily remote controllable and has a friendly UI. It’ll play back everything except some HD files since the CPU isn’t fast enough to handle the decompression.

Solution 2 is to build an HTPC, but that might be more work/cost than you need just for your bedroom. I built an HTPC recently using an Antec Fusion ( and Vista Media Center, and it’s the coolest thing I’ve done in my entertainment center–100% file compatibility, SD or HD anything, any file format, built in DVR, super nice and easy UI.

I really hoped that AppleTV would be hacked a long time ago to play more popular file formats within the main GUI, but the progress with that has been pretty disappointing. It almost makes more sense just to get a Mac Mini and use FrontRow.

That having been said, I have seen AppleTV in action and it’s pretty neat–just doesn’t play back all the files. It might suit your needs, but you have to make compromises with all of the available solutions thus far.

Ninja Edit:

BTW, just found this:

This is a plugin for AppleTV called NitoTV, basically it’s a frontend for mplayer so you can play many .avi and .mkv files on your AppleTV WITH subtitles. A little inconvenient since you can’t work it from the main AppleTV interface, but definitely a nice plugin nonetheless if you decide to go this route.

Sounds like a job for Xbox Media Center.

Out of the box the AppleTv doesn’t pass AC3. So no surround sound.

Damn…that is a suck. That seems like a standard thing it should support or something.

How much of a hassle is it to get around?

For ripping TV shows I don’t think I would really care. But for movies, for sure.

Derek Daniels

(high five)

That alone is why i bought a xbox and still have one to this day. Too bad it doesnt support HD content though.

Yes it does suck, I really want one, but I’m going to wait.

Right now I want a media streamer that will play anything and support AC3 and subtitles.

Thats what I have been thinking about too, I just don’t want to blow $500.00. on one.