Applications for money matches in cvs2

Myself and Pigadoken will be taking applications for money matches in cvs2, either as a team or individual i don’t care.

Post your name, date, amount and terms and send them on a 3x5 index card to…

“Take Jesse and Albert’s Money”

Looking for ranges between 1-20 dollars. Lucky Bidding. My goal is to lose less than 200 bucks if i lose all my matches, I love you all.

PS. Albert hasn’t agreed to this yet but he’s a champion with money matches and will probably take this on.

is this a joke?? do you take on all challengers?? i want some free money :slight_smile:

Free money? Shit, sign me up.

haha no i’m being selective, but i’ll play you for something cheap. Also watson I hear you play poker, i’m going to be playing 5/10 limit when we get to vegas, do you play games much larger than that?

EDIT: biggzy i’ll play for 5 bucks cause you’re ranked first

Ranked first???

play meeeeeeeeeeeeee

hehe according to the ultrareliable apex you are the best of the best!

God damnit campbell i’ll play you but it’s goin to be random select AND after we are drunk

HAHA don’t let it fool you. APEX doesn’t make sense

I want to play pigadoken. Hear he plays a mean P. 3/5 for $10. It’s free money :sad:

UCRollerblader under deus’s sn:
apokalipze you’re gots to play me too then, don’t worry i suck i lose to albert all the time ^_^. I’m sure he’ll play you too, confirm in thread or pm

Jesse me and you for 5 for old times sake. 2/3 or best of 1


Alright you’re on. 2 out of 3 for each, just name a place and time during evo

Ooh, I’m up for 2/3 $5.


apokalipze, master chibi, confirmed, see you guys at evo

both jesse and albert stole my money…

they will take your money cuz they are dirty players…DIRTyyyyyyyyyyy P GROOVE IS CHEAP.


my lunch money… cries :sad:

hehe what did we play for a dollar at your place? Anyways, evo i’m challenging you to 2/3 for 5 bucks, and dentron, and eugene. I’m not gonna stake any more money on eugene though, the boy let me down.

not only did you take my dollar, but you took my money in holdem too.

and now you’re gonna take my money at evo cuz i accept your challenge.

buncha hoes
i still owe albert like $5 or something
i’m already in the negatives

fukkin crazy ass maki avatars

i’m down for team money matches with jesse…the viet blood is coming out of me

watson: hahahaha, you nice man. let’s play hold em.

keith: naw man, you owe me $3. we can play again though hahahaha.

apokalipze: i’m down.

shit i will play for 5 2/3

also poker but i am underage :’(