Applying AA to my actual gameplan

In training mode I practiced AA till point where I can’t mess it up. However in real matches I just don’t react fast enough. If they stay on the ground my reactions are on point and I’m fine. If they are a madman and jump around like crazy all the time I’m fine there as well, I can AA. BUT if they mix it up whenever they go in the air the thought of anti-air never crosses my mind. It’s not even like I’m not reacting, I’ll stand block it or backdash but I’ll never AA and I don’t know why. Anyone else had this going on psychologically and figured out how to break it?

Messing up your reactions is kinda the point of mixing up when you jump. Ibuki and Cody both have button AAs which helps the reaction time immensely. Its just practice that helps you get into doing it automatically. I used to have this problem when I played rufus since he also has a button AA. Switched to Cammy, could never DP in time. So I made it a point to AA as much as possible. Win, lose whatever. Just make sure they’re not getting free jump ins. Now I play Makoto who has spacing specific DPs and its just ingrained more or less.

Yeah if I devote entire rounds to AA the rest of my game falls apart lol

Thats just how it has to be sadly. I learned to play makoto in the arcade so try to imagine how I felt about it anyway.

Oh yeah I just moved to an area with arcades and started going to one. It hurts haha I wish I could have grown up in this like they did just for the experience its such a good atmosphere.

I used to have this problem too with ryu so I always have the srk shortcut motion buffered if I expect a jump-in

Cody has many anti air options, slide kick that points upward is just like an uppercut, able to focus out of it and hit with final destruction ultra. Tornado uppercut is a safe one with range. Back medium punch command attack is a lot better then most characters who have to be very close in order to use a different punch, very fast very reliable. Focus attack even get a combo if you see them attacking you which is universal for any character except Viper. You could even try Cody’s holding punch which I might add is a hell of a lot better than spinning back fist but I do hate holding or charge or multiple press over simply pressing and to me nothing beats walking speed and non floaty.

As for Ibuki, you can dash under them any time they jump, there’s also a command attack I think is back medium punch also standing anti air, you can technically use any move as anti air if your at the right distance I would imagine Ibuki’s attack that looks like a grab would also work well due to high priority if your slow or if you have enough time with that uppercut kick.

If you still use Sakura there’s standing heavy punch and that’s pretty good in being safe giving you the most time while crouching, kinda like a slide kick but with less range, though I would prefer Cammy’s close range medium punch to be a command attack also.

I feel that having a good defense is both having good reactions, and knowing what you have to react to. Because you have to hold a lot in your mind at once (pokes, overheads, low attacks, throws), you just have to play a lot and get a feel for when your opponent jumps. You can cut it down; at long range be looking more for jump ins and fireballs, for instance.

@The original genocider, Sorry you wrote all that up but I know all the options, I just can’t make myself react with them. I see myself using codys slide( whenever they go for jumpins to get under them. It’s just weird that I know the AAs and im reacting to jumpins, just using the wrong moves

Play more, get better. That is honestly all there is to it.

Here is a little step by step process that may, or may not, help with AA’s

  1. Look at your past replays and find a common situation that you do no react to
  2. Go into training mode and record to dummy to do that exact situation.
  3. Practicing reacting to it being thrown at you over and over
  4. Once you are ok with that record the dummy doing random things (nothing special, can be anything really) make sure you “randomlly” incorperate the set up that you previously recorded
  5. Practice reacting to #4
  6. Repeat for every situation you dont know.

This is what helped me a lot but things work different for different people.