Applying custom art to the Hori Fighting Stick V3


First of all. Hello guys just made this account for the sake of finding how to get custom art on the stick. I play on the PS3 and I own a couple of fighting games. Used to play on the 360, but I kinda got tired of paying for Live.

Second of all. I am sorry if there was already an explanation about this on the Tutorial sticky or a thread like this somewhere in this forum, but I did try to look for one describing how to do this, but I wasn’t able to find one, so if there is already one, sorry for making a useless topic.

Now with the “formalities” aside I bought the Hori v3 on Wednesday and it arrived last night. Now I am damn terrible with sticks. I can’t even pull HCF with ease. I struggle to make such a motion, so I have no need to mod the stick right now since well, I don’t think it would really affect my gameplay at all. I will try and continue to get better at it and once I am good enough I will consider modding it and adding Sanwa parts, which I hear are the best.

Anyhow what I am really interested is on applying some costum art to the stick. I am not really digging the whole “black” thing and I would love to apply some nice looking art to the stick. I was reading this therad "" and I saw there is a template for the art, but when I printed it out to see if it would fit, well it was just a lot smaller. I assume it was a problem with my printer.

Now the main question is how do I go and apply art to it? Do I like print a special sticker that’s the right size and just paste it in there? Or is there a more tedious process to this?

I am really just interested in applying some custom art, so any help is greatly appreciated. [URL=‘’]


I’m not sure about the template. I think there’d probably be a way to print it right. Unless if the template is wrong. Never changed the artwork out on those before, honestly. You could always make your own template by scanning the faceplate with the buttons and joystick removed.

But, that being said, yes, you can just print out a sticky label and put it on your stick. Remove buttons, remove joystick, peel off stock art, and stick something new on, nothing formal. I did a mod like this by printing it out on glossy photo paper, laminating it, and then using spray glue to stick it on.

Generally, the formula for artwork is Cover + Printing (High DPI) + Paper + Adhesive (or other way to hold it in, such as screws with plexiglass)

So, generally people like to get lamilabel from Kinko’s, because it’s a laminated sticker that is printed out on professional printers. So, it’s covered, sticky, protected, and well-printed.

The favorite way of getting artwork on is usually ordering plexiglass covers from tek-innovations or Lightning Label Customs, but the Fighting Stick V3 doesn’t have a plexi. They have their own printers and cutting equipment, so it’s cut perfectly to size. Stick the cover over the art, screw it in, and you have some well-protected art.

This all being said, you don’t have to get so formal. Just do what works. I’d say try to get it printed at an office supply store on heavy, glossy cardstock, see if they can get it laminated, and use some sort of adhesive, I like adhesive spray. Or get lamilabel.

Or if you want to DIY, just print it out on some wal-mart shipping labels and stick it on, but don’t expect the best of results.


I see, so this means I need to open up the stick to apply the art.

Is this any hard or can this be done by someone with no experience like myself? I guess I am just scared of opening it and somehow messing something. I hear you need a soldering Iron to mod the stick. I have no experience with one, but I doubt it would be needed to just remove the parts and get the faceplate to measure and apply the sticker.

There is a Kinko’s literally like 5 minutes away from my home, so that seems like the best idea. I guess I’ll just need to remove the face place and measure it. Then just have the sticker printed at Kinko’s with the right size.


actually the fighting stick v3 does have a plexi now. Stick V3 VX Covers.html
and there is also a template
Should be spot on just make sure you are printing it right


Oh, I even said Lightning Label and didn’t know he made that plexi! I thought only for the EX2/FS3!

Well, you can also use this.


yea that guy makes so many different plexis, its pretty cool.


So for the V3/VX plexi, you basically remove the “guts” inside an ordinary V3/VX and you stick them inside the plexi? And you just slip in the custom art template in it? I wonder how you’ll be able to secure it, seeing how I don’t see any holes for screws.

I’m new at this btw.


No. What you do is take out the buttons and take off the ball top. You then place you custom artwork over the metal panel, and then the plexi on top of the artwork. Once that is done you put your buttons back in and screw the balltop back on.
It looks like the plexi for this stick is screwless which means the buttons are what will keep the plexi secured.