Applying Frame Data to improve Matches

I’ve learned to understand Frame Data and the terminology associated with it. What I’m still trying to understand though, is how I can apply these numbers in an actual fighting situation. To clarify, how many frames is considered slow? How many frames are considered fast? What is the normal amount of startup and recovery frames? It seems like I can never do Rose’s Soul Reflect fast enough before im hit by a projectile, and it’s startup is 13 frames, so I assume that would be slow. That’s all. Thx


Some people try to make up methods to easily beat beginners examples such as some Dhalism players do walking backwards and chucking crap at you.

As to what your talking about just look up safe moves such as: Dudley’s machine gun blow, Yun’s lunge punch, Dictator’s scissor kicks etc, and those don’t even require much spacing at all.

Consult the newbie forum for answers to questions like these.

Here are a few resources to get you started: