Applying what i've learned in practice mode (sf4)


So i’ve been playing uber casually for about a year now (just sitting about mashing stuff with my house mate) and have spent little to no time actually trying to get better.

Last week after about an hour of bodying my house mate I decided that it was probably time to start learning stuff, so to the practice mode i went.

I’ve learned Ryu’s basic BnB’s and a simple f.Hp xx Srk punish but my question is, how do i apply them?

The punish is easy, block something up close and punish. The thing I’m really struggling with is learning to create an opening for my BnB combos.

There is the obvious jump in but with AA’s it’s too risky. I’m decent with pokes but you can’t really combo after them (except the Cr.Mk xx hdk).

So, i turn to you guys. Help my newbie saikyo dojo, you’re my only hope…


try playing more matches with other people, try going online a bit, go to the arcades, watch replays with the characters you use and observe how they play and gain experience, practice mode is a good way to get good, but matches are better


Go online and make friends and then go round after round with them if you have xbox add me KoolaidManGoBad and I’ll get a couple games with you :slight_smile:


Took me a long time to figure this out too. The problem was I never leaned footsies, I just to just tried set up combos. That’s what your problem is dude, you’re missing the most fundamental SF tool. No jumping, you gotta use your normals to make your way in. Best time to try and do a bnb in after a knockdown, but if you get a few low mk fireballs in, try dashing and then going for your bnb.


I agree with Dundle; it sounds like you need to work on your footsies. SonicHurricane’s “footsies bible” can help out a lot with understanding how footsie mindgames work, but playing perfect footsies is without a doubt the most difficult part of Street Fighter, so don’t expect to get good at it overnight.