Approaching and Air Combo Problems

Hey guys, I am completely new to the fighting genre besides a couple of games (SSB, NS) and I just picked up UmvC3 for my birthday on Tuesday and I’m completely obsessed! I just have a couple problems that are seriously holding me back…

  1. In matches where enemies are far away from me I find it extremely hard to approach them. I try to move forward but I am either destroyed by a combo or I end up blocking and being pushed back to the edge of the screen and the opponent ends up on the other edge.

  2. When I try to execute some air combos my opponents always know how to counter me. I try to create a basic LMH combo but thy seem to recover before I can hit them with a third hit (H). Also if I try a team aerial combo they somehow hit my character before I can switch and cancels the combo.

3.I know I probably will get smashed for saying this as I have read other threads of people saying this but I am getting the new hori umvc3 fightstick Friday because even though I am new, all I do is play this game and I am not looking for a petty 80 dollar fight stick. I’m hoping that this is a good choice…

  1. This question is character specific as some characters can get in on people easier than other for instance Wesker can easily rush people down where as Thor has some trouble. So I would recommend checking out some of the forums fabulous guides for help on this issue.

  2. Practice, practice, practice. Hit up training mode and practice your butt off. It ma be hard at first but it will eventually come naturally and become muscle memory. As for TAC’s your opponent can counter them so that’s why they can cancel your combo. It’s pretty much rock paper scissors so the best you can do is try and mix up the directions of your TAC.

  3. What Hori stick are getting in particular? Nevertheless Hori makes some quality sticks and if you really are into MvC3 and fighting games in general then I would say a stick is definitely a good investment.

Well I have been trying out every character and the three I really like are Viewtiful Joe, Ammy and Tron. I can really pull off some good air combos with VJ and Tron with a team aerial combo and I can hold down an opponent fairly well if I can get a few hits off with Ammy’s beads. But with those three I really can’t seem to get anywhere near the opponent x_x

I have been practicing but I still don’t understand! I out the dummy on stand and I try to pull off an air combo while they are against the wall and they recover from my air combo in the middle of it! It doesn’t make any sense to me…

I plan on getting the new UMVC3 stick coming out next week, seems fitting haha.

  1. Are you always going for LMH in the air? Instead, try doing MMH in the air and if your characters have a double jump try MMH double jump MHS. MMH will do more damage and build more meter than LMH and should be easier to connect. The light attacks often times push too far away to connect the rest of your attacks.

  2. Like Muffin said, it is just a matter of gaining more understanding of the game mechanics and your characters. However, you can make it easier approaching by having a beam assist like doom or iron man on your team.

Team currently is Ammy, Viewtiful Joe and Chun Li. I try to always have Ammy’s ice shot if that counts as a beam assist?

I have tries MMH and other things but it seems like it is too slow and they recover while doing that too.

Also I got the nerve up to play online finally. I actually did surprisingly decent (though I did lose) and after having two rematches with the same person I lost to deadpool spamming his guns -.- I did begin to learn how to get around it but he quit once I lost a third time.

Ammy’s ice shot is a very good lockdown assists and lets you mix-up your opponent, but she is pretty vulnerable so you have to already be on top of your opponent so she doesn’t get smacked.

Try super jumping as soon as possible after S and start the MMH series on your way up, don’t wait for the opponent to get to max height. They really shouldn’t be teching out of it unless you did a long ass combo before hand and racked up the hit-stun deterioration.

Oh, and do MMH(S./dj) as fast as you do your ground magic series LMHS.

Look here for a team building guide; definite must-read.

Your team currently - I can’t see any synergy. Read the above and if you can convince yourself there is synergy in your team then keep using it.
Otherwise, I would say you have to compromise and pick other characters to complement your favourite character.

Ammy’s cold star is good for lockdown (keeping opponent in blockstun), especially as a new character is coming in. It is NOT a beam assist. The usefulness in beam assists is the screen coverage, blockstun, and nullification of other less durable beams. A good example is Doctor Doom’s plasma beam assist that can nullify Sentinel drones assist - good because drones stays on the screen for a very long time/helps approach/keeps blockstun. Having plasma beam to stop this lowers your opponent’s options.

Joe - best used as first point character imo. He doesn’t do much damage, but paired with the right assists, he can do some very good keep away. You can read in the Joe forums and ask for more advice if he’s your man.

Chun Li - was ass in vanilla MVC3. Her assist (lightning legs) causes a lot of hit stun decay (HSD) which makes people fall out of combos earlier. I’m no authority on Chun, but she has gotten better in Ultimate with EX spinning bird kick and down :m: OTG as a point character. Again, consult the Chun threads.

Joe and Chun haven’t really been fleshed out in tournaments, so your best bet as a newer player is to pick one of them if you want him/her on your team. Ammy works in many places and is generally solid in a variety of team compositions. Except her Assists probably don’t help you get in with Chun or keep-away with Joe.

Good luck.

Chun was never ass really but she just was so high execution for so little reward.

Chun’s assist is a great lockdown/defensive assist. It helps many characters get a bit more damage at the end of combos as well.

Ammy pinning with Cold star while Chun does highs and lows sounds really cheap but the combo will scale because of cold star.

Chun is not a novice-friendly character. Every combo she has is hard.