Approx current draw of Madcatz TE + MC Cthulhu + Imp V2 + Remora + 6 Arceye3?


Hey guys
Simple one for you here. I’m just looking for the approximate current draw for a Madcatz TE + MC Cthulhu + Imp V2 + Remora + 6x Arceye3. The reason I would like to know this is because I am modding my stick for supergun use and need a 15 core cable. I have found one but it claims the max current is 0.25A. Now I know the stick will use less than 0.5A since it’s powered by USB, but does anyone know the actual draw?

To make things easier, if you have 8x Arceye3, I’ll just go with the draw from that.

Thanks guys.


My stuff arrived from Toodles, so thanks bro. I have been able to do a little testing, due to the fact I needed to know the current draw to ensure the cable I was buying is suitable.

Here’s the deal.

My stick currently has, 360 Madcatz TE PCB, MC Cthulhu and Remora with 6 Arceye 3. That setup with the LEDs off draws around 60ma. With all light lits up, it varies between 100-120ma. I’m expecting the Imp V2 to use next to no current, so now I can go ahead and order my cable and connectors :slight_smile:

Also, the Remora and LED started working when before I connected VCC and GND (they lit up a dim red which was pretty cool). Then I added VCC and wow those colours, but at that point I hadn’t even wired the ground terminal of the Remora. WTF?


It’s using the ground from the button harness. Sorry I can’t answer your other questions.


It’s ok bro, no questions now; I answered them myself with this test.

I had a feeling it was using a button ground. Is there still any reason to connect the ground on the screw terminal in that case? Would it cause a problem if I did, even if it works using the button ground?