[Apr 13-15, 2012] PowerUp 2012 - EVO 2012 Super Turbo Qualifier


Friendly reminder that another qualifier is going down this weekend at power up


The Cincinnati Mall - 600 Cincinnati Mills Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45240

April 13 - 15


Bumpity, bump bump!

Registration seems a little low so for anyone in the area, this is a good chance for you to qualify and support ToL and PowerUp!


nomrah, ghaleon, cheezface, roybisel…one of them’s going to take this. Bet on it!


I was really looking forward to coming and scrubbing it out in ST since Cincinnati doesn’t seem to have many players but I am way to broke for 50 bucks just to play ST. Good luck everyone though.


Wish I was going.
Look out cinci. <_<


Evo Qualifiers at Cincinnati is $50 entry? Serious?


I was including the venue fee. ST is the only game I play enough to try to compete in.