[Apr 19-21, 2013] Civil War V ! (Richmond, VA)




WHEN: Friday April 19th @ 6pm to Sunday, April 21st at 1145pm


WHERE: Comfort Inn Midtown Conference Center
3200 W Broad St
Richmond VA 23220


Room Rate: 65$/ night FRI/SAT/SUN
CALL: (804) 359-4061
Saturday night is 1 or 2 rooms away from being sold out.


FULL Japanese style arcade w/ all the classic fighters as well as some new style cabinets! We’re trying to keep it open after hours for y’all! (CvS2, 3S, MvC2, ST, A3, A2, Garou, KOF98, TTT, etc)

Civil War Sword trophies:

UMVC3, AE, SFxT, TTT2, P4A, KOF, MK9, IJ:GAU, Super Turbo…

A LITERAL MOUNTAIN OF PRIZES for door/placers/and raffles!

Excessive Space/Time for casuals! All of Friday Night is teams and casual play… We’ll leave half the setups up for casuals for most of Sunday (situated so you can still watch the finals, of course) and we’re probably going to have 40% more setups than we need so as to give you guys more games for your buck than any tournament experience!

The Salty Suite: After hours casual gaming! Bring copious amounts of mountain dew!

Team Spooky will be streaming! FunkyP will be Streaming!

Ultradavid and Skisonic on the mics!

Sponsored by Mad Catz!
Our Awesome commissioned TShirt and CivilWar Style Patch!

1st Ever Injustice: Gods Among Us Major Tournament! Featuring REO, Tom Brady, Chris G, and more!

Top Players! EMPDieminion, EMP Santhrax, MH RayRay, MH Flux, TS Fooblat, TS NerdJosh, AGE NYChrisG, TS Sabin, FNEX KBrad, IGTUnknown, FR Roachking, EMP Jon Slayton, RyRy, Fighting GM, MK_REO, Damdai, Ganelon, LordKnight, Psyken and MORE!

Pair Play Tourneys: Fri night SFxT, TTT2, MK9. 3v3 Teams ST, AE.

Vampire Savior Exhibition! Friday Night

Injustice Exhibition!

North vs South 10v10 UMVC3 Battle!


Street Fighter IV AE2012 (Xbox 360)

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (Xbox 360)

Street Fighter x Tekken 2013 (Xbox 360)
King Of Fighters 13 (Xbox 360)

Persona 4 Arena (Xbox 360)
(winner gets a custom Foehammer stick as well as a sword!)

Guilty Gear AC (Xbox 360)

BBCSEX (Xbox 360)

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Playstation 3)

Mortal Kombat 9 (Playstation 3)

Injustice: Gods Among Us (Playstation 3)

Dead or Alive 5 (Playstation 3)

Skullgirls (PS3)

ST GAMES (arcade/supergun)
(20$ for all 4 tourneys, ratio, team, charlock, standard)

ST Games Rules List (including ratio)

How Much?
Event Badge (required to enter any tournaments)

Normal (till April 15th): 30$

Week of/Door Fee: 40$

Spectators: 10$ for the whole weekend!
$10 per game (except ST)
$5 per head (most team/ unofficial side tourneys)




Game Rules:


  • In game button binding/macros are allowed.

-PS3 sixaxis and ds3 are HEAVILY discouraged.

-Turbos and hardware macros are banned.

-UMVC3 and ST are best 3 of 5 games

-TTT2 and DOA are 3/5 rounds per game.

-All other games are best 2 of 3 games.
2/3 rounds.

-Pausing a game is cause for forfeiture of the round except in cases of imminent victory. In case of dispute, the game’s pause screen indicates the player that paused.

-In case a pause occurs by neither players fault or a 3rd party, The judge or tournament organizer will either restart the match or advise the continuation of play from a neutral situation.

-Getting up from the playing area during match play or unplugging your control device willfully is considered a forfeiture.

-Players will be organized in pools. Pool size may vary depending on game and number of entrants. Pool start times will be posted online and in the venue. Pool check-ins will occur at that time. If a player does not check in, and is not present by the time the first round completes, you will be disqualified to losers. If a player has been disqualified to losers, they will be immediately DQ’d again if they are not present when that loser’s match is called. Time conflicts with other tournaments or a personal emergency are the only valid reasons to avoid the DQ. Eating or sleeping are not personal emergencies.

  • Draw rounds awarded by the game count. Draw games do not count. So in AE, a draw round at 0-0 or 1-0 counts, but one at 1-1 does not. Replay the entire game.

-No floating under any circumstances. All efforts will be made to seed and separate regions in the brackets, but this is a tournament, and sometimes you have to play friends.

Game specific stuff:
Akuma is banned in ST.
(more later)

IJ: Interactables and Transitions on.





I can’t wait Philly, Nj and De will be here in full force.


SUPPORT YOUR EC TOURNAMENTS!!! Robin throws great events!

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This is going to be the kitties titties

Obligatory Hype Gems post.

That thumbnail is priceless

whats this place?

this shit is going to be bananas


Is there going to be an 3S tournament on arcade? Or is it just going to be a 3S arcade machine on free play? Either way what kind of set up will it be?

We’re going to have a whole bunch of arcade cabs set up in the hallway outside the main room, one of them being 3S.

I don’t think we’re having an official tournament for it, but if someone wants to make a side tourney happen I think that can be arranged.

What he said.

I’m pretty sure Knuckledust, KeninBlack, and Face from NC will be organizing an arcade 3S tourney either Friday or after hours Saturday.

It it didn’t happen, I’m sure they’d stab me.

I didn’t see it up there but what time on the 19th does the tournament start?

Damn, I dunno how I missed that.

Tourney starts Friday EVENING at 6pm to give everyone travel time and hopefully not have to take off work and etc.

Friday evening is Team Tourneys/Exhibitions/Side Tourneys with any leftover bits to finish Saturday morning.


Friday 4/19
6pm-12pm Team tournaments (def for AE, UMVC3, ST, others? Pair Play for SFxT, TTT2, MK9)
Side Tourneys
Saturday 4/20-
10am-12pm Finish Leftover Fri Events, Emergency Registration
12pm-12am- Singles pools in everything else. Much care will be done to avoid overlapping games. For Capcom, assume SFxT then AE then Marvel.
Smaller tournaments will finish on Saturday, if time allows. This includes BB, SG, GG, DOA5, ST ratio/char lock
Sunday 10am-11pm
Semi Finals and Finals for main 7-8 games. Currently: KOF, Injustice, MK, P4A all have scheduled finals for Sunday.

An hour by hour schedule will be released when pre-regs close one week prior to the event. Please PRE-REGISTER@ http://www.RVAtournaments.com/CivilWar

Thank you very much. So as I’m only registered for singles I don’t really have to worry about anything until Saturday? Sorry to sound noobish, first major trying to make sure all my ducks are in a row.

Correct. You’re not required to be there Friday night. But you def want to be there for casuals, side tourneys, arcade, and if you wanna hop into any team tourneys that occur.

Just a quick question, I registered some time ago and was wondering if there was any way to cancel registration for a particular title, and register for something else instead? I’ve already asked this a while ago on the Tumblr, but didn’t get an answer.

Also, couldn’t be more excited for this!

YO I herd Arturo is out take Va monies again… What an Injustice… watch out for his Sim… its really cheap. Better be thinking about counter picks now.

I bet hes gonna win injustice too btw he should be banned form playing that game day 1… He knows too much…