[Apr 21, 2012] Round III - SF4 Tournament (Austin, TX)

We’ll be playing SF4 Arcade Edition on XBox 360. Sticks and Pads will be provided, but more are welcome!


Wingz Up
1000 E. 41st St, Hancock Center
Austin, TX 78751-4810
In the HEB Center


11:00am - Doors open
6:00pm - Sign-Up Begins Freeplay begins
8:00pm - Tourney Begins
11:00pm - Finals

*Schedule is subject to change


•Entry Fees
Venue Fee - $5
Tourney - $5 per person

•Prize Pools
3rd- 10%

Additional Prizes Provided by our sponsors: Ressurected Games

If you need to contact me for any reason about the tourney, call Quarter Up at 512-900-9787
You can also Email quarterupevents@gmail.com