[Apr 21, 2012] SSF4 A.E 2012 Team Tournament Sat April 21st 2012 (Granada Hills, CA)

hey guys its tournament time!!!
what?? yes
Where? Family Fun Arcade
this time we will also use the arcade cabinets since they have been upgraded!
game?? SSFA AE
Format?? Team Tournament 2vs2* (team tournament will take place unless the number of entrants is less than 16, if less than 16 then 1vs1 will be the format.)*
Where?? here at Family fun arcade
When? 04/21/12
Time? 5:00pm
Entry Fee? $7 Per player ($3 to the venue $4 to the pot)
prize? 1st 70% 2nd 20% 3rd 10%
system? xbox 360

reserved for results

hope you all come by the way im working on the results for the last singles tournament. patience my friends.