[Apr 28, 2012] [April 28th] AppalachLAN V: Reunion Tour; Boone, North Carolina (Boone, NC)

Appalachian State University’s Gaming Club will be hosting a charity LAN event on April 28th from noon until 10pm in the Grandfather Mountain Ballroom of the Student Union of Appalachian State University.

There will be at least two fighting tournaments as well as a Mystery Tournament.
We’re looking to run Street Fighter x Tekken and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Details on prizes and time slots will be announced as the event draws closer. We’re working with University lawyers to regain the ability to have pot style tournaments. A few years back, someone made the mistake of trying to explain pot style tournaments as gambling and we’ve been fighting ever since. We’re hoping to have a final decision by the event, but University Lawyers are about as slow as Molasses. If pot style tournaments are a no-go, prizes will be provided.

Same date as Civil War 4, which is the closest EVO major to NC.